How To Apply Mascara Properly

Are you applying mascara correctly or not? Do you know the proper method of applying mascara? This is one of the best beauty products that actually responsible to change the look. Eyes play an important role in our personality as well as it makes contact with everyone. Mascara is an essential portion of eye makeup. No matter what you ensure with the rest of the eye makeup, mascara is the basic to put an end to it with attractiveness. Hence, today in this article we are telling to the proper method to apply Mascara.
The mascara actually carries the eye features out obviously. It strains on your eyes and takes the focus by addition more volume to your lashes. Wrong use will confirm that it back fires. You have to learn the art of proper mascara application which is the basic need for perfect eye makeup.

Materials For Applying Mascara Properly:

To apply the mascara you will need some things and they are as follows;

  • Your favorite mascara –Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara
  • Concealer (Must)
  • Primer for eyes (optional)
  • Eye liner
  • Lash Comb
  • Eye shadow (Of your choice)
  • Lash Curler

Apply Masacra

Steps For Applying Mascara Properly:

1. Pick Your Best Mascara:

With so many varied kinds of mascara, it’s significant to pick the one those costumes each occasion finest. Select lengthening mascara for the day time, and coiling/thickening mascara for your nights out! If you ensure red or light-colored eyelashes, pick light brown for a casual look, and dark brown for night-time. If you have dark eyelashes, use dark brown or black in the day, and murky for more the night drama.

2. Make A Proper And Clean Base:

At all times start off with washed eyes. Smear primer equally on your face and eyes. Now use a concealer to cover blemishes and acne. Rub on an even base of foundation. Use an Eye shadow of your choice and apply it well.

3. Curl Your Lashes:

If you want to evade the anime/Lady Gaga look, don’t twist your lashes in one big crush. Slowly, gently curl with lash curler tiny sections from origin to tip. While you are lightly plot down your lashes, crush one or two times mildly before affecting on. This appears normal.

4. Apply Mascara:

Dip the mascara brush into the mascara bottle 2-4 times to covering the bristles with mascara correctly. Shake the stick left to right at the base of lashes. It’s the mascara hired near the roots not the tips that offers the impression of length. Appeal the wand up and done lashes, twisting as you go. The shaking part is the key as it divides lashes.

5. Comb The Lashes:

Take support of a lash comb and comb out extra mascara clumps stuck on your lashes. Start with closed eyes from origins to tips. Also comb your lower lash line also. Open your eyes and wisely comb from the roots to the tip of the lashes.

6. Smear More Than One Layer:

Also, put on one or two coats is not a bad idea. Don’t be embarrassed if you want three or four. This step rest on on how much size you wish to enhance to your lashes.

7. Optional Step:

Let mascara dry for 2 minutes. Swipe your brush from the inside turn of your eye to the outer lashes to create your lashes more occupied. Now use the lash curler another time for additional curling. This step is optional. You can ensure it if you are not fulfilled with the volume of the curl your mascara offers you.