How To Brighten Up Tired Eyes

Your eyes are your windows to the world and often the most obvious indicators of tiredness and stress on your face. Tired, puffy looking eyes and under eye bags are always a big turn off. Every one of us has experienced this beauty emergency at some point of time so, it is important to know that how is this to be dealt with.

These are some simple and practical tips to prevent fatigue of eyes and brighten up tired looking eyes.

  1. Do not compromise on your sleep by indulging in late night partying and late night movies. You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep at a stretch. Using a slightly elevated pillow for proper head support helps to eliminate water retention around eyes.
  2. Do not have too much alcohol. Also, cut down on coffee intake as it makes your eyes looking more fatigued.
  3. Cut down on salt and fat intake. As this causes water retention and puffy looking eyes.
  4. Use cold compress. You may keep cotton pads dipped in cool milk or cool Rose water. Cool chamomile tea bags. Also, cool cucumber or potato slices for nearly ten minutes help in reducing redness and puffiness of eyes.
  5. Do not work for long periods of time in front of laptop screen and make sure to install an anti glare shield. Also, take frequent breaks, every 20 minutes from work to relax your eyes. Set your gaze upon any object, preferably green in colour, 20 feet away, for a span of 20 seconds to relax your eyes.
  6. Splash your eyes with cool water.
  7. Topical applications that contain Vitamin K, grape extracts, mulberry root extracts, green tea extracts and retinol help with the dark circles.
  8. Drink lots of water and coconut water.
  9. You may also use an eye drop prescribed by your doctor to refresh your eyes.
  10. There are commercially available gel eye packs to help you relax your eyes.
  11. Sandalwood paste applied around eyes helps to soothe fatigued eyes.
  12. Sipping on Green tea after your meals has an anti toxic and diuretic effect and drains excess fluids from your body.
  13. Have a protein and anti oxidant rich diet.

Brighten Up Tired Eyes

Make Up Tricks To Brighten Up Eyes

Use a concealer to hide darkness around eyes, especially, the under eye area. Choose a shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone but not too whitish. It is best to moisturise your under eye area so that your concealer sets uniformly. Finish off by setting your concealer with a loose powder. Also, cream and mousse based concealers work better than stick ones.Get shapely looking eyebrows as messy eyebrows further mess up the appearance and make you look shabby.

Use white eyeliner on your water line this adds a dash of freshness to your eyes and makes them look wider and fresher. Lighter hues reflect light and give an illusion of brighter eyes.

Use a clear mascara in two coats . Before putting on mascara, curl up your lashes. Heating up your eye lash curler using a hair dryer can help curl your lashes better.

Your eyeliner should be thin, neat and pointing upwards otherwise your eyes may appear droopy. Winged and cat eyes are your best bet.

Avoid Black, grey and Blue tones of eye shadows as they further emphasize darkness in your under eye area.Apply a shimmery or pearly eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and the arch of the brow bone, that is, just underneath your eyebrow, as a highlighter. This gives you an instant face lift.

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