How To Choose Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

Shaving is an essential part of grooming for men, beyond doubt. However, for a section of men, this proves to be a tedious task. Those with sensitive skin often find shaving an ordeal- with worry of cuts and rashes haunting their mind. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to grow a beard if you have sensitive skin! Men with sensitive skin can evade the hassles that crop up post shaving if they are a little careful and use the right shaving ingredients. Selecting the most apt shaving cream or gel is a prerequisite for such men.

Ways to select the most apt shaving cream for sensitive skin


  1. Look for the irritants and allergens– The reason, men with sensitive skin develop post shave rash and allergy is their sensitivity to chemicals and allergens. Therefore, they need to look for the presence of key allergens and harsh chemicals when buying shaving cream or gel. It makes sense to read the ingredient list of shaving creams. Now, there can be many such chemicals and you may not be sure of which can be problematic. However, shaving creams without paraben and excess sulfate are likely to be safer. Keep in mind that strong fragrance can also act as irritant for sensitive skin.
  2. Opt for products with natural extracts and herbs– With a little effort and search, you will be able to find shaving gels and creams that contain soothing and nourishing natural extracts and herbs. Generally, shaving creams that contain herbs like aloe vera, cocoa butter and almond oil are safer for sensitive skin. When buying shaving creams, see whether ingredients list include such extracts or not. Shaving creams with menthol offer a cooling sensation, but some people may be allergic to menthol as well. Some shaving creams also contain essential oils extracted from lemongrass, bergamot or rosemary.
  3. Avoid shaving foams in aerosol cans– Men with sensitive skin should stick with shaving creams sold in tubes or containers that can be used to make a rich, soft lather. The canned foam based shaving products often contain gases like propane or isobutene. These gases can irritate delicate skin layer and lead to shaving rashes. The gels also contain some artificial colors and alcohol base which can irritate your skin.
  4. Refer to online resources– When you are unsure about the right shaving cream for sensitive skin, utilize the online resources. On websites selling such products you may not get unbiased reviews. In social media sites and skincare forums, you can get reviews and feedbacks on such shaving products. If necessary, you can talk with a dermatologist on this topic and get some handy references.

Tips to get a better shave for men with sensitive skin

While using a suitable shaving cream is mandatory for men with sensitive skin, they also need to use proper techniques and other shaving ingredients.

  • Men with sensitive skin should use sharp and easy to use razors.
  • They should prepare skin for shaving to avoid bumps and cuts. Wetting the skin before shaving does help. You may also take steam vapor to open pores of facial skin prior to shaving.
  • To avoid irritation caused by shaving, men with sensitive skin should use suitable skin softening products. There are herbal after shave balms that they can try. These balms work better than after shave lotions based on alcohol.
  • Even when you buy a shaving cream containing natural ingredients and very less chemicals, testing it is necessary. Apply a small amount of the cream on skin and lather up to see if it is causing any irritation.