How To Choose Suitable Anti Ageing Cream

Is there any person who does not want to look attractive and youthful- maybe except some religiously and philosophically inclined ones? With men and women opting for younger and attractive physique even in their middle age- skincare companies have come up with oodles of anti ageing products. From age reversing serums to anti wrinkle creams, you will find plenty of such skincare products that claim to reverse the effects of natural ageing. While the claim and efficacy do not always match, there is no deterring the aspirants craving for a younger look! A lot of women and men in their 30s and 40s, opt for anti ageing creams.

Wrinkle Creams

Choosing The Right Anti Ageing Cream

Selecting the right anti ageing cream can be quite tedious! There are so many brands including some claiming their products made with herbal ingredients and others with celebrity clientele vying for your attention. When shopping for an anti ageing cream, you should keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Skin Type

Not every woman or man has same skin type and so one anti ageing cream may not be suited for everyone! You will find some brands selling such creams for specific skin types- including dry and combination skin.

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2. SPF Factor

While a lot of people use anti ageing creams or serums before hitting the bed at night, there are some who prefer using the products at day as well. If you among the latter group of people and need to move around a lot in the day, opt for an anti ageing cream that has SPF included. This will save you the cost of buying a sunscreen lotion or gel additionally. It makes sense to buy an anti ageing serum or cream with SPF 15 or more. There is no denying the reality that exposure to UV rays of the sun takes toll on the skin and speeds up the ageing process.

3. Ingredients

As a matter of fact, you will find anti ageing creams are made with a plethora of ingredients. Some of the most commonly used ingredients are Alpha Hydroxy Acids and retinols. Additionally, some such skincare products are imbued with vitamins C and E. It is prudent that you avoid buying an anti ageing cream that contains paraben in any form. It is also necessary that you look for ingredients used in such products that you are allergic to. If it is an herbal cream, look for the amount of herbs used in the formulation.

4. Reviews

Like you do before buying any other product, you may read the reviews of anti ageing creams in online retailer sites before buying one. However, the user experience may vary a lot and the same product can be lapped up by some people while others may lambast it! It is better if you read the reviews of such products published by noted beauticians and dermatology experts online.

5. Shelf life and Expiry Date

Generally, anti ageing creams need to be applied in very small amounts. So, a bottle or container lasts for several months for most users, even with daily use. So, you need to check shelf life of such skin care products before buying.

Summing It Up

With a little research and carefulness, you can find the most apt anti ageing cream for your age and skin. Remember that an expensive anti ageing cream may not always be miraculous for your skin. For the first time purchase, you may opt for a smaller sized container of such products. If it suits your skin, buy the larger size next time. It may so happen you will find a cream perfect for your need after trying a few products.