How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones

Hair color is not only the key to hide the grays but can make or break your overall appearance. If gone right you can turn into a head turner over night. However if gone wrong you can end up hiding your crowning glory below a hat for weeks. If you want to give a good make over to your overall personality, a hair color can do just that in a few hours. Some may however choose to only change their look subtly with the hair color. However in either case, it is important that you do not blindly ape Hollywood trends but actually follow what suits you and your skin tone. For Indian skin tones, subtle shades are more suitable as the skin is mostly warm, dark or tanned. Here are a few tips that talk about how to choose the right hair color for the Indian skin tone.

Hair Color For Indian Skin

Keep the original color

If you only wish to hide the grays, you can play safe by keeping the original color intact. Nothing suits you more than your natural hair color. Also you may need to apply less of hair color just enough to cover grays which not only helps you save on time and money but also helps you keep off harmful chemicals off your scalp and hair. You could experiment with a few tints of your original hair color to get more playful and keep it safe at the same time. Therefore, if you have black hair you could try dark blue or dark brown streaks for your crown or you could apply dark brown locally. If you are planning to color your hair close to your original color, you can do it at home. If you plan to experiment with other colors, it is advisable to take help from color professionals.

Color of Your Eyes

A thumb rule is to match your hair with the color of your eyes. Since most Indians have dark colored eyes, it is best to color the hair dark. For those with light eyes could experiment with lighter hues with some caution. Make sure your hair color compliments your eye color.

Going Blonde

There are a few Hollywood trends that are a no-no for Indian skin tones. You must watch out for these trends before copying them.

Okay, you surely don’t want to scare the neighborhood by copying the natural blonde streaks of your favorite Hollywood actress. Your warm tone may not be suitable for those blond locks. If your skin tans in the sun instead of turning red you have a warm skin tone. This kind is skin tone is not suitable for blonde hair or any light color of hair. For warm skin tones, you could pick up bronze and caramelized dark colors for your hair.

Going all Punk

Though it may be fun to experiment with going punk with some wacky bold colors, it is advisable to start with semi permanent colors that you don’t have to live with for a long time. If you go wrong with these colors, it is easier to get rid off them.

Going Red

Avoid using reds and copper as these colors fade fast. If you really want to add a wow factor to your look you could go for a contrasting red. But for dark skin colors, a burgundy red or an auburn red may be more suitable. This color may start fading soon so you need to be ready to maintain this feisty look.So color you hair with confidence and get that new look in a few hours to bedazzle everyone on the street.

Wooden or Chocolate Colors

If you have a wheatish complexion, try the colors that have a semblance of wood like mahogany and brown, as these colors would add warmth to your face. For dusky complexion, you can try even darker shades like chocolate brown with shades of caramel of coffee as highlights or streaks.

A good idea before coloring your hair is to take the suggestion of hair color expert or even your best friend. If you are determined to copy some famous celebrity hair colors, match your skin types with Indian or Asian celebrities and you can copy their style to feel like a diva.

Make sure you use branded products on your hair for coloring. Do not go by the model on the carton of the color that you buy. Make sure you check the color swatch on the box to check the color you want to pick up.

Be a heart winner by getting the right hair color that suits your skin tone. In case you are the one that thinks, “ah what’ the big deal about it, It’s just hair color”, you should know that the right color mix can make you look younger, slimmer and vivacious. You need to be cautious too though for if the coloring goes wrong redying it can be a problem as it may lead to over processing of hair. So get that creative cap on, become a celebrity in your own right and color thy hair right!