How To Control Oil Secretion of T-Zone Naturally

That everybody wants to look their best is arguably one of the most overstated statements. One common problem every teenager is worried about is oil secretion of T-zone. That is something which most of us have to suffer during our teenage and some have to fight with it even during later stages in life. The problem gets worse for people who originally have oily skins. And what is worse that the blackheads and pimples come as a surprise gift, which in themselves are bigger skin problems. For those suffering from severe oily skin problem, the only treatment recommended is to get help from a skin specialist. However, for people having recent symptoms or those suffering from normal oil secretion, following could be suitable home remedies that they can perform themselves.

oily tzone

Remedy 1: Gentle and natural clay masks are a must and the most recommended solution for fighting oil secretion. They absorb unwanted oil from and within the surface of the skin and make them sufficiently nourished with water content. If your skin is a combination of oily T zone, you should restrict the mask to affected areas.

Remedy 2: The idea is to keep skin clean and oil free from at least outside. You should wash face regularly with lukewarm water many times a day and then moisturize it appropriately with water or oil based lotion. If possible, you could use aloe vera with cucumber juice and spread it to the affected areas before washing your face.

Face Washing

Remedy 3: Fruits are certainly human’s best friend. You could add some citrus fruit juices and fluid-rich fresh vegetables with your facial cleanser. They provide loads of required nutrients to your skin and help it to moisturize properly. Moreover, using normal facial cleansers could leave your skin over-dried and thus it is recommended that you use these juicy fruits and vegetables with your cleanser.

Remedy 4: Go for home made scrubs. They bring best results due to their unadulterated quality and freshness. These scrubs keep the pores of your skins clear and help your skin loose excess oil. To make your own scrub, use finely ground dried almonds and mix it with honey and apply it on the T-zone. Gently scrub for around five to ten minutes and wash with lukewarm water. This will help pores open up and allow the skin to breathe.

Remedy 5: Nothing is better than facial steam. You should do it whenever possible as it remains a less tiresome task. Often people confuse hot water with boiling water. It should ideally be a little hotter than lukewarm water and a little colder than boiling water. Take steam for at least 5 minutes with regular breaks, if necessary, or till you feel comfortable. For better results, use a homemade scrub after steaming and splash your face with ice cold water after scrubbing.

Facial steam

Remedy 6: Using matte and water based makeup is always recommended for people suffering from oil secretion of T-zone. Never ever use any makeup which is oil or lotion based. If your face already remains oily throughout, using moisturizers or lotions would only worsen the conditions. Instead, use water based or gel based sunscreen if you are stepping out in sun.

Remedy 7: Minimize stress as much as possible. Stress hormone levels in your body adversely affect your skin and leads to over stimulation of oil glands. Make sure that you live an overall healthy life with regular exercises and fat burning regimes. Moreover, meditation is one recommended solution for almost every problem related to stress. You should try doing that as well.

A healthy skin is an overall result of a healthy mind and body. Above all these remedies, what remains the basic remedy is observing a healthy lifestyle. If you drink plenty of water and fluid throughout the day, observe a proper healthy regime and manage your diet well, you surely can minimize the effects of oil secretion of T-zone.