How To Do Pedicure At Home

It is a common saying that your feet reveal the true condition of your health. Unfortunately, most of the women do not give as much importance to the condition of their feet as is generally given to the beauty of the face and hands. Just as your hands need manicure, your face needs facial and hair needs a good oil massage for looking attractive, similarly, your feet too need special care for making them look sandal-ready whenever it’s time to flaunt yourself.

Special Pedicure Routine

Special care does not mean that you have to spend hours in a reputed beauty parlor or invest extravagantly in cosmetics. Simple things that last longer, are used to carry on a pedicure routine at home. Taking out 15 to 20 minutes once in a fortnight will certainly improve the condition and look of your feet and you will really feel proud to take a step out in your favorite footwear.


Things you will need

To carry on a home pedicure you should collect the following supplies:

  • Bubble bath or soaking salts (readily available at the grocery or cosmetic store)
  • Basin or tub
  • Cuticle oil
  • Towels
  • Foot file and pumice stone
  • Cuticle stick, clipper, nail file
  • Nail polish-base, topcoat, and color
  • Foot moisturizer or cream
  • Nail polish remover

You need to buy most of these products only for once and these are quite cheap. You can buy a cuticle cream or a foot cream depending upon your budget. You can start with a small jar and once you get used to the routine of pedicure, you can opt for a bigger one as it is more economical.

Starting with the Pedicure

Trim and Shape the Nails

shape nails

To start with, you need to first trim and shape the nails and remove the old worn out nail polish. Make use of a good nail polish remover that contains less acetone as this chemical can have a drying effect on the skin and cuticle. Ensure that the nails are trimmed neatly and cut straight across without cutting much around the corners. Give the nails desired shape using a nail file.

Foot Bath

foot bath

Fill up a tub or basin with enough warm water so that it covers your ankles. Add bath salts and if you like, you can add some drops of the essential oils. You can increase the feel of a good massage by putting some smooth pebbles in the tub water, as these will give your feet a gentle massage when you put your feet over them. Now, soak the feet in water and just relax for around 20 minutes. After the foot bath pat, the feet dry with a towel.



Now rub the cuticle cream at the base of each nail and leave it as it is for a few minutes. Simultaneously scrub your foot to remove the dead and dry skin cells. Use it firmly but not very harshly. Clean the cuticle cream with a wipe and using the wooden cuticle stick push back gently the cuticles.


moisturize foot

After scrubbing and cleaning the feet, it is time to moisturize it with the help of a good foot moisturizer. This will keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from cracking. Massage the cream with gentle circular motion so that you feel the stimulation of nerve endings and improved blood circulation. This helps to nourish your foot muscles and skin.

Decorating the Nails

nail paint after pedicure

Decorate your nails by painting them with the color that suits you. Make sure that you apply first a base coat, let it dry and then apply the nail polish coat. Ensure that the first coat has dried completely before you apply the second one so that the nail polish lasts longer.