How To Do Peter Criss (KISS) Makeup

Members of the band KISS have inspired other rock musicians and Halloween makeup for decades and it is easy to see why. They look amazing! Peter Criss, AKA The Catman, made his signature look so popular that even today, people all over the world copy it. His look evolved as the years passed and if you take a look back, you will see that it went through quite a few variations. If you are looking for an awesome look for your next Halloween or fancy-dress bash, you should definitely consider Peter Criss’ look.

How To Get Peter Criss Makeup

Peter Criss (KISS) Makeup

Getting The Catman makeup done is not as tough as you think. Here are the steps to get you to look like Peter Criss’ alter ego:

  • Step 1: Take a black eye pencil and draw two straight lines that go down your nose. Make sure that you use a dark black pencil to get the desired effect.
  • Step 2: Next, draw a slanted line that starts from the top of the straight line. Leave a space of about 1 inch below your hairline.
  • Step 3: Now draw a curve that points up. From the point, draw a line downwards, stopping where the straight line you drew down your nose earlier stops.
  • Step 4: Now it is time to create the whiskers. Draw a line that is curved from the center of your nose and go right. For the left side, go left. Make a rectangular block with your pencil. Draw an identical block above it.
  • Step 5: Draw a thick hoop on your nose, which ends at your nostrils.
  • Step 6: Now it is time to fill in the spaces between the lines you drew. Take makeup, paint and start with the space around your eyes. This will start the cat design.
  • Step 7: Once you have filled the eye area, the blocks and your nose, carefully paint your face white. Make sure that you do not touch the black parts.
  • Step 8: Paint the tip of your nose silver, for that famous cat nose shine.
  • Step 9: Complete the look with bright red lipstick.

That was easy, right? There is really nothing much to it. All you need is a steady hand to make sure that all the lines are even.


  • Make sure that the black parts are as black as possible. The darker, the better.
  • The same goes for the white. Make sure that you paint it on as evenly as possible.
  • Never forget the silver paint on your nose if you want to get Peter Criss’ look down pat.
  • Always use top-quality makeup to make sure that your skin does not get damaged or any allergic reactions develop.
  • Be careful to avoid getting makeup, especially the paint, in your eyes. If you do, bathe your eyes in clean water immediately to get it out.
  • Brushes are great to paint your face, but you can also use a sponge if you think it will give you better results.
  • Use colors like purple, green or red around your eyes as eyeshadow to recreate the perfect Catman look.
  • You can use cream makeup instead of paint so that your skin does not feel dry and tight.

Recreate Peter Criss’ The Catman look with high-quality makeup products and a few simple steps. As you can see, it is not difficult at all. Have fun with your makeup and add a few touches to make the look your own. With the Peter Criss makeup, you can make sure that all eyes are on you at your next party!