How To Do South Indian Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is special for any girl and so should the bridal makeup be. A South Indian bride is nothing less than a showcase of the rich traditions of this diversified land. Dressed in rich, vibrant silk sarees and bedecked with ornaments made from gold and precious stones, the brides are true embodiments of beauty. The makeup enriches her look on D-day, completing her attire. While beauticians are quite often employed to ensure that the South Indian bride looks perfect on her D-day, you can do it on your own. And, for mastering the art, you just need a little patience and practice. Here is a simple, yet a comprehensive tutorial that will ensure that a South Indian bride looks gorgeous and spectacular without overdoing the makeup.

The Step By Step Guide To Doing South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian Bridal

1. Clean your Face Nicely

Be it the reception or the D-day, cleansing is an important ritual as it essential to remove all impurities and dirt. Use an instant glow face wash that will also helps in hydrating the skin. Pat dry using a clean, soft towel.

2. Moisturize your Face

Using a tinted moisturizer is beneficial in two ways – it keeps your skin hydrated at the same time does the job of a foundation. Choose a shade that is nearest to your actual skin tone.

3. Get your primer and concealer ready

It is now time to apply the primer, followed by the concealer. If you have a long wedding routine, akin to Tamil Iyers, then you should opt for primer as it will ensure that makeup remains undisturbed for a longer duration. Concealer is applied to even tone the skin, for that flawless look. Apply around your eyes, nose tip, around the corners of the mouth, and other regions where there are blemishes.

4. Apply the compact

Pick the compact powder that is almost near to the shade of your tinted moisturizer or foundation. Choose a one that gives you a good coverage for any kind of spot and blemishes.

5. Kajal

Start by applying kajal. There are numerous waterproof, non-smudge kajal as available in market that stays for about 12 hours. There are gel-based eyeliners too that can do the task of kajal. Fill in a medium thick line on the lower and upper side of the eyes.

6. Eye liner

Once again, opt for an eye liner that is smudge-proof and waterproof. A thick line can be applied on the outer edges of the upper lid, just above the lashes. You can give yourself a fish-eye look too. Just extend the liner to the corners of the eyes.

7. Eye shadow

It is a slightly trick task to pick an eye shadow. While you can use a color that goes well with your saree, if you wedding ceremonies require changing the attire, then you are in trouble. Opt for a golden shade with subtle shimmers. Apply in generous amounts on the upper eye lid, while a subtle touch can be delivered to the lower lids.

8. Mascara

Use a good curling mascara that is non-stick. Apply two coats, in generous amounts, on the upper lashes. You can do a single coat for the lower lashes.

9. Lip Liner

Lining the lips is akin to drawing an outline. This gives a better shape to the lips. You can opt for a shade darker than the lipstick you are choosing. An ideal one would a shade darker than your lips.

10. Filling the lips

Once you outline the lips, fill the lips generously with lip balm. This ensures that lips stay hydrated without cracking for a longer time. Choose a nude shade with subtle glossy effect. Fill in the lips wity lip color and top with a coat of gloss, followed by a little loose powder. Dab using bloating paper to remove excess.

11. Blush

Highlight the cheekbones with a natural shade of blush.

12. Bindi

Traditionally, a maroon hued, circular bindi is chosen, but with changing times and attitude, different colors have made their space here. Choose a style that goes well with your face and hair makeup, but at the same time with a subtle traditional touch. A good one, in general, could be a tapering bindi adorned slightly with a few minute stones.
Follow the tips for doing South Indian bridal makeup and gear up to steal a million hearts.