How To Do Vampire Eye Makeup

Vampires are the heat of the fashion. Be it the bloodshot lips or the drastic eyes or that white face, vampire eye makeup is much in demand, especially when it comes to Halloween and themed parties. You can also get the right vampire eye makeup, provided you have access to the below mentioned set of supplies, a pair of good colored lenses, and of course. Once these are handy, follow the steps mentioned below and get started right away.

The Ingredients You Need For Vampire Eye Makeup

  1. White foundation
  2. Translucent face powder
  3. Eye liner – 2 different shades
  4. Eyelid primer
  5. Different shades of eye shadows
  6. Mascara or false lashes
  7. Red lipstick
  8. Deep maroon lip liner
  9. Moisturizing lip gloss

Vampire Eye Makeup

The Step By Step To Get The Right Vampire Eye Makeup

1. Start With The Whitened Face

Your face makeup lies the foundation for the eye makeup. You have to get a pale, ghostly white look on your face so that you resemble the living dead. You can pick a white foundation or a foundation whose shade is at least 4 or 5 tones lighter than your base skin tone. This will overshadow your natural hue. Apply foundation in liberal amounts, allow it to extend past the cheekbones to the ears. Conceal your chin as well as the neck.

Once you have applied the foundation, use a translucent, lightweight facial powder to prevent the foundation from smudging. You can use a white powder for creating the base and to mute the tone.

2. The Eyeliner

It is the most essential ingredient to get that classy vampire look. Do you remember how elegant Alice looks elegant in the Twilight series? There are numerous ways you can get the eye makeup done. The one like Alice looks simple and clean. Just swoop a dingle line of the liner at the base of the bottom and top lash line. If you are looking for subtle heinous look, then a burgundy shade would the right pick. This would highlight your eye whites for that sick look.

3. Do The Highlights

Once you get the liner right, start the highlights. Using a white hued liner, sketch a V in the inner corner of your eyes to highlight the area. At the same time, it will draw attention to your entire eyes, bestowing you with that living dead appeal.

4. Get Your Dark Shadows

Choose a grayish hued or black eye shadow depending on how deep you want to go into the vampire look. Apply a generous amount of the shadow on the eye lid creases for the withered appearance. You can create a blend of smoky hues for a sexy and chic vampire look.

5. Play With Your Mascara

Mascara gives you the hot, sexy, and gorgeous look while completing the vampire appeal. You can even opt for false eye lashes, preferably a shade darker than your normal ones. A one with glitter or white will also do good.

6. The lips

Are you wondering what lips have to do with eye makeup? The correct lip hue is essential to complete any eye makeup, or so say the professionals. So, pick a bright red hue that gives you the resemblance of Edward’s sexy lips in Twilight. Outline your lips with a black or maroon hued lip liner. Fill your lips with a moisturizing lip gloss and top it with lipstick in generous amounts. But make sure that you are not overdoing. So, just dab your lips into a clean paper towel to eliminate the little excess of the shade off your lips.

Wow! You are looking perfect! Follow the steps the way it has been outlined and do your vampire eye makeup the right way!