How To Get Fair Skin For Men

Even though fair skin is not a standard measure for beauty, there are numerous people who strive really hard to get fair skin. This group of people doesn’t only include women, but men as well. It may come as a shock to find out many men dream of having fair and flawless complexion. The complexion of the skin depends upon the amount of melanin naturally produced by the body. The amount of melanin cannot be altered. However, you can get fairer skin by treating pigmentation and sun tan.

The developments in science and dermatology have provided numerous cosmetics to get fair skin. These cosmetics include sunscreen, tinted lotions and BB creams. Unfortunately, these creams and lotions provide only temporary results.

How To Get Fair Skin For Men

Tips to get Fair Skin for Men

Making the skin fair, healthy, and glowing requires a lot of hard work as well as patience to wait for desired results. The most important factor is to have an efficient skin care regimen to enjoy fair and glowing skin. Here are some tips for men who aspire to have fair skin.

1. Proper diet


Whatever you eat is reflected on your skin. Skin impurities might result from unhealthy eating habits and digestive problems. For clear skin, it is very important to include sufficient vitamins and micro-nutrients in your diet. Include protein-rich foods in your diet for a healthy and glowing skin. Also, try to avoid man-made and processed foods. Increase your intake of fruits and veggies, as they contain skin-friendly nutrients.

2. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Water has numerous health benefits attached to it, with glowing and fair skin being one of them. Drinking ample water helps in natural cleansing your skin from within. It helps to flush out waste and toxins. Furthermore, water also removes excessive dirt and oil from skin. Make it a habit to consume a minimum of 2-3 litres of water everyday to get healthy, glowing, fair skin.

3. Proper Cleansing and Toning


Regular cleansing with an effective cleanser helps tremendously. Follow the cleansing process at least twice a day for effective results. It is worth mentioning that aloe vera should be an essential ingredient of the cleanser. It will soothe the skin and get rid of bacterial infections.

4. Skin Protection

Skin Protection for men

Protection of skin from loss of natural oils is an essential part of effective skin care for fair complexion. Men’s skin is exposed more to sun, dirt and pollution. This affects their skin by making it dull and darker. You can use an effective moisturizer or a fairness cream to keep the skin hydrated, thus glowing. Make sure the moisturizer contains SPF as an essential ingredient. Apply the sunscreen before you venture outdoors. In addition, you can wear sunglasses, long-sleeve shirt and cap to protect your skin even further.

5. Regular Shave

rotary shavers

Make it a rule to shave at night so prevent loss of fluids from the face. Moreover, shaving at night helps in avoiding the resultant puffiness from showing on your face. This would provide a fresh and healthy appearance in the morning.

6. Exfoliation

exfoliating face mask for Dark Spots

Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells, thereby allowing the new and soft skin to come to the forefront. This, in turn, makes your skin appear softer and younger. You can opt from a wide range of facial scrubs to suit your skin type. Before scrubbing, steam the face for a few minutes to extract the oil and dirt from the pores of your skin.

7. Physical Activity

weight loss walking

It is a misconception that physical activity is important for weight reduction only. In the busy and hectic daily routine of present-day life, physical activity has become a necessity. It might not be possible for you to walk around while at work. And, you might want to rest when you get home. For fair and glowing skin, develop a healthy exercise regimen, either 30 minutes at the gym or a short walk are sufficient not only for the body but also for your skin.

Every skin type is different with individual problems. Having a proper skin care regimen can surely provide a better complexion and skin health. Additionally, keeping it safe from harmful sun rays and dirt and pollution can decrease the release of melanin by the skin thus providing a better and fairer complexion.