How To Get Kylie Jenner Inspired Full Lips

Kylie Jenner, the half sister of the Kardashian sisters, has been in the news for her luscious, full pout. The discussion about her lips has so much been in rage that Kim Kardashian even went on to tell that Kylie uses just lip liner to outline her lips and fills in space. And, there is zero use of lipstick or gloss. While Kylie has been telling that she just ‘palps’ them only. While there is no proof whether this 17 year old beauty has undergone any injections or cosmetic procedures for that envious lips, there is enough evidences available that with a certain natural skin routine and little makeup you can also get Kylie Jenner inspired full lips.

Kylie Jenner

Read on to know about how you can also flaunt those enviable lips.

The Full Lips With Make Up

  1. Eliminate the dead skin cells with exfoliation

Exfoliating the lips with a sugar cinnamon scrub is the first step towards getting a smoother, luscious lips. Buy one from your nearest dealer or just prepare at home by mixing a little brown sugar with cinnamon and a couple of drops of olive oil. Scrub your lips to eliminate those dead cells and pep up the circulation.

  1. Massage with lip balm

Choose a luxurious lip balm for massaging your lips. Choose one that has ingredients like aloe or cocoa powder as they boost the circulation. Alternatively, you can use clarified butter or honey mixed with a little rose water and massage your lips. They just instantly lighten the lips; plus, they add an addictive glow.

  1. Use a concealer

Lip concealers are essential to ensure that the natural lines on your lips are ‘erased’. Your lips will look smoother and softer. Fill your lips with the concealer using a brush designed to meet the purpose.

  1. Outline your lips

Choose a neutral tone, slightly fleshy, and use it to outline your lips. Just ensure that you strictly adhere to the natural line of your lips. You can pick the same shade as your lips for ensuring that your efforts lead to that ‘plump’ pouty lips.

  1. Fill the lips

Fill your lips, entirely, using the liner you have used to give the outline. This will lie a base for the lipstick, accentuating the richness and color.

  1. It is time for your lipstick now

Choose a hue that really syncs with your lip color. The ideal one would be a couple of shades darker than the actual color of the lips. For those who are fair skinned, a nice, nude shade would work. Fill in your lips with the help of a brush so that the strokes are even and smooth. A lush pink would really be admirable if you want to add a sexy appeal. But again as I mentioned, never overdo; pick the one that matches your skin tone and eye makeup.

  1. Highlight your lips

It is time for the highlighter. A little amount can be applied on your lower lips with very subtle amounts on the cupid brow edge. Wondering what is this for? The lips tend to look more defined, more pouty, and fuller when light falls on it. Sounds fabulous?

  1. Finish it with the gloss

A lip amplifying serum would the right pick, but if you cannot lie your hands on one, then choose for a nude shade gloss. Apply it at the middle of your lower lips to ensure that your lips do look full.

So, ready to flaunt those Kylie Jenner full lips for the party? Along with these makeup tips, do ensure that you are filling on 8 to 10 glasses of water a day while you are munching in moisturizing foods for your lips. You will naturally be bestowed with a fuller lips.

Start right away and rock on!