How To Get Lady Gaga New Bob Hairstyle

It looks as if there is no dearth to attention grabbing techniques of the gorgeous Lady Gaga. And, the recent on that is the talk of the town is her new hairstyle that she unveiled just the day before Valentines’ Day. While she has cut her hair short into bob earlier too, this one is very impressive because of the lush black color she has chosen to go with. I should really say this – she looks fabulous in this new avatar of hers.

With summer round the corner, a blunt cut or bob is a hairstyle that can easily be adopted by everyone, irrespective of the ages. While many of the Indian women do have black hued hair, there are others who have subtle brown. So, if you want to replicate Lady Gaga’ new bob hairstyle as such, then those who do not have a natural back would have to dye it black, but do it before your hair cut.

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

Here is a short guide to coloring your hair after which you can wash the hair and then cut it blunt, just like Gaga… So, ready?

How To Get Deep Black Hair Like Lady Gaga’ NewHairstyle

If you already have a black hued hair, then skip this section and move on to the haircut… And, for others, here are few handy tips if you are styling at home. While the best bet to get the color right would be to visit the salon and get it done by a pro, coloring at home is not a tedious process, provided you are patient enough.

  1. Follow the instructions mentioned on the package and mix the dye and developer: All packages come with detailed instructions. And, there are instances where two different manufacturers offer two different ways. So, read the guidelines carefully and mix. Keep aside once mixed.
  2. Do a patch test: This is to ensure that you are not allergic to that particular product. Do it at least 48 hours before with a small portion so that you can get started with your coloring process without any obstacles.
  3. Divide your hair into sections and using clips secure those: Using a comb, separate your hair into small sections. Secure the division using salon clips.
  4. Start coloring: Using a dye brush, start dying your sections. Start from the roots, working upward to ensure that your hair evenly colored.
  5. Wait: The package would give you the exact time you need to wait before washing off the color. So, wait.
  6. Rinse: Dab off the excess dye with a paper tissue. Rinse with cool water first.
  7. Condition your hair: Then, use the conditioner that has been provided with the hair dye package.

Your hair is now black, like Gaga. So shall we start our bob haircut?

How To Get a Bob Haircut

  1. Divide your hair into sections: The damp, conditioner hair should be divided into 7 sections – right and left sides, right and left crown area, right and left nape, while a little hangs around at the bottom. Using salon clips, secure the sections, except the one you are currently working with.
  2. Keep it damp throughout: You can keep spraying water in very little quantities to ensure that the hair remains damp throughout the cutting process.
  3. Start the cutting process: Start from your left with the portion that is hanging down. Cut your hair that is hanging in front of your ears as short as you need. You can use a ruler to ensure that the length is even.

Hold the section you want to cut in between the fingers while allowing your hair lie against your skin. Come towards the nape and cut the section straight as short as you need.

The ideal place would an one inch width section. Keep this as the guide for cutting rest of your hair, as you move around towards the front side.

Many a time the hair lengths could vary in the front and back regions. Just be careful while cutting so that smoothing becomes easier. Keep the length a little longer than you want as it would help in giving the finishing touches.

No, you can start working from bottom to top. Work on small sections. Just ensure that the top layer and bottom layers are being cut in the same length.

  1. Blow dry for evenness check: Blow drying after coloring is not acceptable, but that is the sole way to check for the evenness of your cut. So, do that and trim out any small errors with a scissors.
  2. Even out the edges: Using a flat iron, smooth the hair and even the ends.

So, your Lady Gaga bob hairstyle is ready to be flaunted… What are your thoughts?