How To Get Perfect Arched Eyebrows

Do you want to raise your eyebrows the perfect way? Eyebrows do play a large role in the facial features. In fact, they accentuate and contour your eyes. Eyebrows can look very flattering if they are arched the right way. The beauty about arching eyebrows is that it should be arched in such a manner that it suits the shape of the face and other facial features.

In a salon, unfortunately, most assistants just do their job of clearing the excess hair growth around the eyebrows. However, they do not give importance to the shape of the eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows does not go unnoticed and the right shape actually can make you look very attractive.

Perfect Eyebrow Arch

If you want those perfect arched eyebrows, here are some easy tips that you can follow at home:

  1. Brush your brows using an eyebrow brush. An eyebrow brush is a must-have accessory in any makeup kit. There is a specific way to use it. An eyebrow brush has one single line of teeth. Work your way from the thickest part of the brow to the thinnest. While brushing you must keep in mind to brush upwards. Since you want to achieve an arched look, brushing upwards will help. If you brush straight, the eyebrows tend to get thick, straight and ugly. The bulk of the hair is spread evenly when you brush upwards.
  2. Giving a deepening tone is also essential for the eyebrows. Use a suitable coloured pencil and accentuate eyebrows along its line. Follow the shape of the eyebrows. One piece of caution is do not darken the brows. The whole idea is to just create a contour that looks arched. Although you have to be careful here. You need to use the same strokes on both the eyebrows. One should not seem darker than the other.
  3. If you find hair that are out of line and are spoiling the arch then try tweezing them off. If you decide to tweeze, make sure you apply some cream after you do it. Cream will lubricate the skin and will not cause harm when you pull out the hair. Before pulling out the excessive hair, dab the eyebrows with some powder. Powder will ensure that the hair is dry and easy to pull out. This way, you will not be dreading the pain of tweezing.
  4. If you have thin eyebrows, then it could be a problem. You need to find a way to thicken them. Use an even toned eyebrow pencil to give your brows the volume. However, be sure not to overdo it or you will look a fright!
  5. If your eyebrows are too thick and they need thinning down, then avoid the pencil. Just thin it down by tweezing hair from here and there. But, concentrate on achieving an even tone for both the eyebrows.
  6. Remember the perfect arches are achieved by the perfect shaping of the brows. So in order to shape, use a mapping technique. Start by making points where you need to tweeze the hair. Follow the line that you have mapped and the rest should be okay.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are the most attractive feature in a person. Whether you raise your brows or frown, the way the brows bend makes you look attractive. Spending your money and time in a salon just gives you an average brow shape that everyone else has. It may not necessarily suit your face. In order to get something that suits your face, you need to follow the above techniques to achieve the right results.

As a piece of advice – arched eyebrows look very good with the right eye makeup. Make sure that they make up is coordinated with the rest of your face. Also, arched eyebrows may not be for you if your face is elongated or has a longish look.