How To Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

Looking at your acne scars can be just as big a pain as having them in the first place. Countless people suffer from acne scars and have no clue how to get rid of the problem. If the scars are really extensive, you can consider a doctor. But why not try a few simple procedures that can actively reduce the nasty marks on your skin? You can try one or more of the following tried and tested methods and get great results which would bring down the disfiguring to a much lower level. Trying these natural cures help immensely to maintain a better-looking skin too.

  1. A lot of water should be consumed every day. Water shall wash your skin cells with startling clarity, and add a lot of hydration to your cells. It also removes and washes out dead cells, and you end up looking great because water induces the growth of new skin.
  2. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables ensure your skin getting a healthy glow. Be it raw or cooked, fruits and veggies add a natural smoothness to your skin which is pretty remarkable to look at, and adds to the healing quotient of your body.
  3. Have you tried drinking some fresh lemon juice? Believe it or not, lemon juice helps flush out the toxins and add to the astringency of the body, inducing elasticity to your skin and adds to the dead cell reduction rate.
  4. Keep a healthy diet. Do not go overboard on any one particular nutrient. Keep your diet evenly distributed within different kinds of food groups. This would help give you essential nutrients needed to reduce acne problem, and would help prevent new acne problem from cropping up.
  5. Rosehip seed oil is a great way of reducing acne scarring. It is used extensively in cosmetics worldwide, and has properties which affects acne and scars and helps clean them up. Rub the oil in twice a day for a while and see the results.
  6. Aloe vera gel soothes and relaxes the skin, makes it supple and intensely hydrates it. Find yourself some good quality gel and apply according to the instructions provided with the pack.
  7. Tomato juice is filled with Vitamin A, and aids in reducing the sebum that results in acne and scarring. You can rub some juice on your skin every day and see the difference yourself.
  8. You can also use honey to heal the wounds. Honey has enormous healing power, and was once used to treat burns. You can use honey for its amazing capacity to hydrate and rejuvenate skin, making it look beautiful. You can either apply it, or drink it for fantastic results.
  9. Make a mixture of one tablespoon of sour cream mixed with one tablespoon oatmeal and a tablespoon of yogurt. Add to this a few drops of lemon juice, and you have a face pack that can be used on scars. Use these little remedies regularly, and you shall see positive results soon.

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