How To Get Rid of Ashy Knees

Ashy or dark knee is a problem prevalent among both women and men equally. People of any race or age can get affected by the problem of ashy knees. However, you must have observed that this problem is more common among the people who have darker skin color. Ashy skin could be found anywhere in the body but knees and elbows are more commonly affected. It could be pretty embarrassing if you have ashy knees and you will always need to hide it. When your knees are ashy, they appear darker than the rest of the body. People with ashy knees are always under stress to keep it hidden and therefore they have to choose their clothes accordingly. There are many ways to get rid of this problem. Some of them are mentioned below.

Keep the knees moisturized

apply cream to knee

One of the most important characteristics of ashy knees is dryness. If you have ashy knees, you must have observed that they are very dry. This is the reason why you always need to keep them moisturized. Make sure that you are applying moisturizer to your ashy skin daily and regularly. The dryness and roughness of the skin needs to be taken care of. When you apply moisturizer regularly, you can keep it hydrated. Hydration will help reduce the dryness and eventually help get rid of ashy knees. In fact, moisturizing is the most effective technique to get rid of this problem. Don’t just apply the moisturizer once. To keep it hydrated all the time, apply it many times a day. While applying moisturizer, massage the area gently for about a minute so that it gets into the skin pores.

Exfoliate the affected area regularly


Dryness of the skin is the main cause of ashy knees. This is the reason why it is important to exfoliate the affected area so that the dry skin is removed regularly. The more you exfoliate the faster you will be able to get rid of the ashy knees. There are several exfoliating products that you can use for this purpose. In fact, the exfoliating face products can also be applied to the affected areas to remove the dry skin cells. You can also use some homemade products for this purpose. For instance, you can use a mixture of water and oatmeal to exfoliate the ashy knees.

Hot oil is also very effective

Olive Oil

One of the most effective home remedies for the ashy knees is hot oil remedy. You can either use olive oil or coconut oil for the purpose of hot oil treatment. The treatment process is pretty simple yet very effective. All you need to do is warm up the oil and massage the affected area gently. You also need to make sure that the oil is just warm and not hot otherwise it will burn the skin and cause more problems. Once the skin is burned you will need to wait for it to heal before you can apply any treatments. Purpose of oil remedy is to keep the skin moisturized. A lot of people will start noticing instant results. However, depending upon the skin type, many people will have to remain patient and wait for a few days before the results show up.

Do not take hot showers

Ashy knees are mostly the result of dryness. If you are fond of taking hot water bath, you need to stop doing it. Hot water encourages dryness and hence the other treatments may not work at all or may not be as effective as you want them to be. Hot water reduces the oil in the skin and causes dryness. If you have ashy knees, consider taking warm water bath or better cold water bath.

Applying lemon juice also works

This is another home remedy which can be very effective in the treatment of ashy knees. Lemon is well known as natural bleach which is used for many purposes. You can cut the lemon in half and apply the juice directly on the affected area. Rub the lemon over the affected area for about two minutes. Do this several times a day to get the best results. You will see the results in a few days.

See a dermatologist


If you have tried all the treatments and nothing seems to be working, it will be better if you consult a dermatologist. Ashy knee may not necessarily be the result of dryness. There are many other medical conditions which cause skin darkness. Only a dermatologist will be able to check your skin and suggest if any medication is required. It is indeed advisable that you do not try home remedies for a very long time if they are not working. They may have adverse effect if there is a medical condition. If the home remedies are not working, immediately visit a dermatologist.

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