How To Get Rid of Bacne

You may have heard people talking a lot about the face acne but rarely do people talk about bacne. If you don’t know yet what it is, it is quite likely you are not familiar only with the word ‘bacne’. It is quite unlikely that you do not know about the acnes or the pimples which grow on your body and not just on your face. Of course they are very little talked about because people care more about their face as that is what the rest of the world sees most of the times. But almost anyone who has had face pimples is also likely to have bacnes too which cover your back.

Although rarely talked about, bacne is more prevalent than you think. Regardless whether you wish to talk about it or not, you definitely want to get rid of it. Bacne could be more difficult to treat, not because of its biological properties, but because reaching out to your back and applying the treatment using your hands could be challenging. Cleansing your face is far easier than cleansing your back.

If you are thinking how to get rid of bacne, here are some steps:


Clean your back regularly

Cleanse your back regularly with the help of bath sponge or a loofah. Most of us skip cleaning our back due to the challenges it presents. This leaves it oily and dirty. Reaching out your back with your hands is not easy but do not give back cleaning a miss while bathing. But ensure that you do not scrub really hard over the bacne area as it may bruise your skin and cause irritation.

Try Sun bath at the beach

This may not be possible for everyone due to geographical limitations, but if you possibly can, do go to a beach and soak your back in the salty sea water for some time. Then expose your back to the sun. Do this for a few days and you will see the results. Make sure that you do not leave your back exposed to Sun for too long as it may cause burns and exacerbate the bacnes.

Try the zinc treatment

Zinc is certainly not really a commonplace household treatment for acnes but you can still try it out. Zinc is a very popular acne killer. Zinc not only treats acne but is also known for improving immunity. There are two ways in which you can use zinc to treat bacne:

You can directly apply zinc to your skin. Get yourself a lotion which contains 1.2 percent of zinc acetate and 4 percent of erythromycin and apply it to the bacne affected skin.

The second way is orally taking supplements rich in zinc. You can buy a zinc health supplement at any drugstore without a prescription or doctor recommendation. Do not take zinc in a very high quantity as it can result in deficiency of copper in your body. Your total daily dosage should be around 40 mg.

Change the pH level of Skin

pH is a medical term for alkaline level. Medically the pH level of your skin should remain below 5 for it to stay healthy. The ideal pH level of skin is 4.7. There are many soaps and body shampoos that increase the pH level of the skin making it dry.

Chlorine mixed in water is one of the biggest reasons of increased pH level of your skin. A normal showerhead does not filter out chlorine from water and increases the pH level. Get yourself a showerhead which uses a filter. It will cost you a bit more but it will have long term benefits for your skin.

Wash with medicated soaps and use medicated lotions

Just like any other organ of your body, your skin too needs to stay hydrated for it to stay healthier. A healthy skin will act as acne resistant. Do not let your skin go dehydrated. You may think that taking a shower, a couple of times, is enough for your skin, but it is not. Buy yourself a medicated oil free lotion and apply it regularly to the bacne affected area. Also use medicated soaps and body wash while bathing instead of the regular dehydrating soaps.

Wear a clean and fresh bra

If you are a woman, ensure that you wear a clean bra. Your bra just like other clothes soaks sweat which is not very good for acnes. Ensure that you do not wear the same bra again without washing. If you are wearing a strapped bra make sure it is tight and does not rub against the bacne while moving.

Drink lots of water and avoid milk products

Some studies have shown that consumption of milk and milk products results in acne development on your body. If you have persistent acne, try avoiding milk products for some time. Also ensure that you drink a lot of water every day. Staying hydrate helps reduce acne.