How To Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Having bruises on you doesn’t make you feel any better. Its presence just simply reminds you of the painful cause or traumatic experience for some. There are even some that are simply reminded of their stupidity after bumping into the edge of a table for more than twice in day. Some may make use of cold or warm compress to prevent their bruises from getting worse. However, with the confusion of either using cold or warm compress first, things may just get complicated. However, as much as you would want and need to get rid of your bruises, you would have to sit down and remember why you got those bruises. If you simply treat them without knowing what caused them in the first place, you may just be going in circles when they start showing up again. Just keep in mind that aside from the fact that bruises may lessen the beauty of your skin, they also serve as a standing reminder that you have to be careful and be mindful with your movements.

Here are some helpful tips that can help you get rid of bruises fast.

1. First, let us take away the confusion as to what kind of compress to be used when you acquire or have a bruise. The idea is to apply cold compress as the initial treatment—your first aid remedy. The cold temperature directly applied to the bruise will slow down the necrosis of the blood cells. This will also make use of the cold to lessen the inflammation within the skin. This will also help you avoid pain because it will avoid swelling of the bruised area. After applying cold compress, you can then make use of warm compress during the following days in order to facilitate adequate blood flow to the injured area. This will help promote faster healing.

2. If you are in need of a quick remedy to get rid of the presence of your bruises especially when a blemish free skin is a must, you can make use of makeup concealers. Just keep in mind that you have to use the same color with that of your natural skin tone. This will make your bruised area look blemish free for that much needed duration.

3. If you are having any maintenance medication of NSAIDs such as aspirin, make sure to inform your doctor about having bruises. Aspirin intake can increase the bruising internally and slow down the healing process.

4. All these tips will be pointless if you don’t prevent these bruises from happening again. Having a bruise once or twice may be acceptable. But if it goes beyond that, especially in the same area, you might want to check your safety precaution. Make sure to know the cause of such bruises and do what you can to avoid yourself from falling prey to such situations that may lead to bruising again.