How To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

The dark circles that you might have under your eyes could end up being difficult for you to handle. These spots might make you look older or even worn out. The worst thing about them is how visible they are because your eyes are often the first things a person notices about you. You should make sure that you do a few things to keep these dark circles from being too serious.

Can I control the causes?

You may be able to get rid of dark circles under your eyes by controlling what causes them to occur. You should keep them from being too serious or worse than they already are if you do the following:

  • Consume more iron in your diet to keep your skin looking a little brighter
  • Avoid being exposed to the sun for too long
  • Don’t use any tough cosmetic products
  • Avoid smoking; smoking could cause circles to develop or even kill off other skin cells around your body
  • Try to keep a healthy bed routine; this includes avoiding bright lights right before going to bed so your eyes will not wear out


Are cucumber slices really useful?

People have often seen pictures of others using cucumber slices over their eyes to keep them under control. Sometimes cucumber slices can work to remove dark circles around the eyes. You can do this with a few procedures in mind:

  • Apply cucumber slices over your eyes; the slices have to be large enough to where they can go over the eyes and the dark spots under them
  • Leave the slices on for about ten minutes; this should work with a moisturizing cream around the areas near the eyes if possible
  • Remove the slices after ten minutes and wash the area off

This should be used to relax your eyes and ease the areas around them. This can help you to keep the skin around the eyes a little cleaner just as well.

Does water work?

Water can work provided that it is used in ice form. You can use this by doing a few things with the ice:

  • Apply an ice cube around a large cloth. The cloth should be soft to where your eyes will not be irritated
  • Leave the cloth over the eyes for about ten minutes.
  • Make sure your eyes are closed as you are using this.

The material should be used to protect your eyes and to keep them as relaxed as possible. This is so your eyes will be as comfortable as they can be.

You should use these ideas if you want to keep your eyes comfortable. These ideas for taking care of dark circles under your eyes may be used to protect your eyes from issues that involve what can develop under your eyes. Be sure to use the right controls as well as controlling the risk factors that might make it easier for you to get dark circles to appear in the first place.