How To Get Rid of Dark Skin

Nobody in this world wants her or his skin to be dark. It does not look pleasing, even if it’s united with glamorous wardrobes, when wearing casual wear. Good thing is that it is treatable. In actual fact, simplest solutions are present in your kitchen.

Home Remedies for Dark Skin

Your kitchen holds a large number of probable remedies for dark skin. Some things act as natural whiteners. Mix some of these products and your natural whitener is ready. Commercially available skin whiteners can also be added in that to produce utmost results. Some preparation techniques are given below:

dark skin

  • Lime Juice and Turmeric – As Lime juice, is highly acidic, it is regarded as a natural whitener. It is regularly used in skin tones and whiteners, it has ability to eliminate tan and skin blemishes. In dark skin case, combine lime juice with turmeric powder and then apply it on the darkened areas. You will get the result soon after regular use.
  • Mint Leaves – Mint is very helpful in refreshing your complexion. After grinding some mint leaves, apply it on the darkened portions of your skin. Permit daily the ground leaves to mend for about 20 minutes to half an hour. soak them with water right after. For getting significant result, this treatment should be continued for two weeks.
  • Flour, Milk and Lime Juice – With the help of both whiteners and an acidic liquid, you can make a pretty effectual skin whitening solution. Take a gram of flour and three drops of lime and two tablespoons of milk, mix these things well. Apply this mixture on dark and blemished skin and let it dry and rinse it after 15 minutes. For noticeable result continue this treatment for at least 1 month.
  • Milk, Honey, Lemon and Almond – The combination of a whitener, two moisturizers and an acidic solution is used in this remedy. Such a mixture gives good results when applied consistently. Take a teaspoon each of milk powder, lemon juice and honey. Combine it with half a teaspoon of almond oil. After all these preparations, apply the solution on your face and other murky areas. Leave it as it is for about 15 minutes and then wash it with water.

To control skin from getting darker, you need to apply the treatments persistently. Give a solution a couple of weeks time to settle on your face before deciding to change to another. Skin color never change instantly, so just put up with with the duration.

Commercially Sold Skin Whiteners

Skin whiteners which are present in market nowadays are specially made to neutralize dark skin, replacing it with a layer of light color. Their effectiveness varies, so you have to do research to get the best products for you. Its better to consult your dermatologist before buying any product. some products are given here:

  • sunscreen (prevention)
  • mercury-based ointment
  • hydroquinone solution
  • arbutin solution
  • tretonin solution
  • Vitamin C (topical)
  • alpha hydroxy acid
  • glutathione (soap, lotion and oral medication)