How To Get Rid of Dead Skin

The appearance of dead skin can be quite the drag. Learning how to get rid of it can be somewhat of a challenge, but this process is not impossible.

A Quick Intro

Dead skin does not disappear overnight. In fact, this sometimes is a process that can take several weeks or even several months.

It is not just a matter of dealing with dry skin that can be easily corrected, but it also involves getting rid of a color you do not want. This darkened surface area is usually a sign of dead cells, which requires some major changes in the way you take care of these portions of your body.

dead skin

Two Main Options

You can create a variety of exfoliating solutions. Below are two main options for you that are the best.

  • Use a ready-made microdermabrasion scrub. One popular recommended brand is the Derma E but there are others. This type of cleansing solution helps you remove dead cells that block the new cells from growing.

An added benefit of this feature is the fact that fine lines and wrinkles are removed. Likewise, scars and other marks disappear. It is a natural product made of ingredients such as lime oil, pearl powder, sunflower, and aluminum oxide crystals.

  • Create a homemade honey microdermabrasion (exfoliation) scrub. This can be created using honey, baking soda, lemon, and fine sugar granules. If you want to make your sugar granules into a fine powder you can do so by placing the sugar in a blender for about 30 seconds on high.

Before you start using your homemade microdermabrasion scrub you should wash your face just with plain lukewarm water. After you have washed your face with plain water, you should then dry it off and apply the cream.

You should do so working from your forehead down and out to your cheeks and t-bone area (bridge and sides of nose) using your fingertips. You can use a gentle circular massaging motion when doing so. This creates a balance between gentle and firm rubbing.

Additional home remedies

  • Make a gentle papaya/pineapple scrubbing solution. You can use papaya and pineapple-based peels to help you remove dead skin. The advantage of using the peels of these fruits is they have in them two active substances called papain and bromelain.

Both Papain and bromelain break down proteins that help remove dead skin cells from the top dermal layer. The papaya and pineapple peels along with two tablespoons of honey can help increase the moisturizing effect of this particular home method.

In order to prepare your gentle fruit peel mixture you should puree all the above ingredients into a blender. While the peels are being pureed you can add honey and mix everything together as thoroughly as possible.

While applying your peel on your face, make sure you avoid the eye area. This mixture should then stay on your face for about five minutes, or only three minutes if you have sensitive skin.

Caution: If you are using this solution for the first time you should leave the mixture on the skin for only one or two minutes to avoid irritation. Then, rinse off the used solution with cool water and then use a moisturizer.

Closing Thoughts

Even though the above techniques often get rid of discolorations you are reminded that none of this is a quick fix. However, you can avoid future onslaught of future darkened skin if you adhere to a variety of healthy skin cleansing methods on a regular basis.

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