How To Get Rid of Dry Skin

When the winter comes, the thing that worries the women with dry skin the most is itchiness, flakes and cracks. Although, normal and oil skins can bear the onslaught of cold winds and can retain their shine with a little bit of maintenance, it is the women with dry skin who has to worry the most. If you too have been facing such trouble since long, here are the tips that can help you get rid of the dry skin by following a certain beauty regime this winter.

Keep the Body Moisturized from Inside

Loss of moisture is the major cause of dry skin. Hence, the first rule for the women with dry skin is keeping the body moisturized. Just as they say that your skin reflects the food you eat, similarly you need to eat foods that have a store of healthy fats such as the salmon, walnuts and avocados. You can as well take supplements such as fish oil that works best for dry skin and are equally good for the eyes. Taking vitamin E supplements is also a good idea if you want to keep your skin moisturized from inside.

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Being a bit disciplined while choosing the foods you eat can also go a long way in keeping your skin hydrated. For this, you should cut down on fried or salty foods, say not to alcohol abuse and smoking and eat lots of water every day. Including fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet also helps in keeping the skin lustrous and supple.

Moisturizing Externally

To pep up your beauty routine along with disciplined eating habits you must also use some topical applications to make your skin smoother. The external treatments are simple, but musts be followed regularly to get the desired result. If you moisturize your skin daily and in the way, it is being discussed here, in no time you would be saying goodbye to cracks and flakes.So what is the secret?

Keep on Moisturizing

Of course, since you have dry skin, you must have been moisturizing your skin daily. But to get the desired effect you should do the same act smartly and more consistently. The first basic rule is to start applying the moisturizer even before your skin starts getting dry. This will help you to keep the dryness away all through the winter. Night is the best time when you are not exposed to any pollution, dust and UV rays. Cleaning your skin and applying moisturizing lotion before going to bed serves well to keep the dryness away. After cleansing, the skin pores become open and absorb the moisturizer quickly. Thus, your skin absorbs the moisturizer well and it reaches every cell of the skin.

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You Deep Moisturizer

If you are used to applying the regular moisturizing cream or lotion on a daily basis, you need to change the cream from normal to deep moisturizing cream at the onset of winter. Choose a cream that deeply moisturizes your skin and contains ingredients such as glycerine, petrolatum, cocoa butter, Shea butter and oatmeal.

Applying on Damp Skin

To seal in more amount of moisturizer within the skin cells, you should apply the moisturizer when your skin is dry. After cleansing or washing your face or immediately after stepping out of your shower, just pat the skin lightly with a towel and apply the moisturizer when the skin is still a bit damp. Do not use a towel or napkin to dry your skin afterwards. Let the moisturizer, get absorbed into the skin so that all your skin cells are well moisturized from within.

Avoid Using Hot Water

Hot water has a tendency to rob all the moisturizer from the skin. Although it is a good idea to wash your face with a bit hot water and soap for an oily skin, the reverse is true for the dry skin. You should instead use lukewarm water to wash your face so that the moisturizer remains sealed and only the impurities are wiped out.

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Treating Itchy Skin

Dry skin has a tendency to get itchy. To get relief from itchiness, you should use creams containing hydrocortisone, which can provide immediate relief from itchiness.

Beautiful skin needs care and discipline. So, even if you have a dry skin, there is no need to dread the winter. Following the above tips will help you to retain the glow of your skin even during cold weather.