How To Get Rid of Dyed Hair

If you dye your hair wrong the results could be tragic. You should be careful when doing so for best results. However, everyone makes mistakes and if you have made a very bad hair dying decision the situation can be fixed with the right help.

Temporary vs. Permanent Dye Removal

The methods used to get rid of temporary hair dye are different from the methods used to get rid of permanent hair dye. A little bit detailed explanation is provided below.

Temporary Hair Dye-The easiest way to deal with this problem is to wait. After about 24 washes the dye should be gone, or at least closer to gone. In the event the hair color product is not removed completely from your hair within this time just give it a little bit more time. You may be able to use certain mild bleaching and shampooing methods as described in other hair care articles.

Permanent Dye-Removal of a more permanent hair color is often trickier. One case in point pertains to the use of dark hair coloration products, which requires bleaching for removal.
Then, if you decide the bleach-blond look is not right for you another color can be picked out. You can then use this to further fix your hair. If you are concerned about making another hair color mistake, you could ask for a professional salon consultation before you do this just to be sure.

The other way to deal with permanent dye is to just let the color you have now grow out. This could take awhile though-sometimes several weeks or months. You can cut your hair short to speed up the dye removal process by way of the growing out method.

Additional Advice

You may not always have to bleach your hair when trying to get rid of a hair dye. Sometimes you can instead just choose a darker color to cover over it. Just keep in mind though that you risk having another color you do not like.

Therefore, this process should be done very carefully. If you do not want to make another mistake you should consult an expert, such as a hair stylist. Having your current color removed and replaced by a professional can prevent further embarrassment.

Another issue involves time. You should wait at least a few days or even a week before trying to bleach your hair and then a few more days before using new hair dye.

Other tips to keep in mind while removing a hair dye:

  • Check the instructions of the next product you try in case you have done something wrong. This will help in the event you want to re-dye your hair.
  • If you need assistance the maker of the product may have printed a helpline number. Use it when necessary.
  • Hair dye removal instructions might be provided in the hair color package you have bought. If so, follow those directions carefully
  • Shampoo plus mild bleaching also may help. This is especially beneficial if you want to remove black hair dye. Usually it requires using a bleaching powder and a shampoo or conditioner prepared and used according to product package instructions.