How To Get Rid of Fat Fingers

Do you have fat fingers? Don’t worry. Do you know that by losing weight our wrists, fingers and thumbs can also become small? But this is not the ultimate solution you also have many other ways to overcome these problems. Following are the tips which may help you to overcome this problem.

Finger licking tips

Eat less and exercise more: you would say why to eat less and exercise more when you have the option of spot reduction but exercise involves the process of fat reduction of the full body which includes the belly, hands, neck and thighs. It includes overall weight reduction and will shrink down the whole body fat. For this you need to reduce your calorie intake. You should stay away from fatty foods and increase the intake of fruits and raw vegetables and should also take vitamin supplements so that your body energy level does not go down. Avoid meat, chicken and eggs as they are full of calories. If you want fast results then engage in physical body activities.

Hand exercises: you can also opt for hand exercises. While working on the full body you may put a special stress over your hands and wrists. You can also try typing so as to keep her hands working. For this you need a typing tutor which can be downloaded from the Internet. It may seem useless to you but yes, typing also burns calories. To burn the calories faster, you can make typing a daily routine of yours. This may certainly help you. You can also opt for hand exercises if you feel tired after typing. You can also take help of a screwdriver, you may hold it in your hand and then move your wrist up and down or side directions until you get tired. But remember, not to overdo it.

Making are fist: if you want to make the muscles of your hand stronger, then make a fist and then squeeze it tightly with other hand for 10 to 15 seconds and after that leave every finger very slowly.

Don’t start without a warm up: before engaging into any muscular activity, you need to do a strenuous activity before that. You can start by rotating your hands in a circular movement and then in an opposite direction. You can also stretch your hand and finger muscles by making an interlock of your fingers and then bring it towards your face and then pushing them apart. Be cautious so that you don’t meet any accident.

Three crucial minutes: You need to spare three crucial minutes of the morning and do some stretching exercises like 10 push-ups. If you are not able to do them then you can do them with the help of your knees.

If then also you’re not able to do them then you can also opt for crunches, jumping jacks and squats. Try and do these exercises at least 10 times.

If you feel bore and want to do an enjoyable activity rather than going to the gym you can row a boat.