How To Get Rid of Flabby Hips

There are a lot of people especially women who are having flabby hips and they want to get rid of it. In order to have a leaner, more defined appearance you will have to work on few things which would be explained in this reading. Just make sure that you make up your mind that you will do all these things and the rest is quite easy.

Observe Your Food

A lot of people have a habit of eating around from here and there and do not even notice that they consume a lot of unnecessary calories and fats. First you will have to observe yourself which means you have to track your intake for one day. Make sure you cut back by almost 500 calories. Avoiding 500 calories each day will lead to 1 lb. of weight loss per week. Make sure the food you are consuming is healthy and nutritious. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit drinks etc. Eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, low-dairy products, fish and whole grains.

Go for Cardiovascular Training

Cardio exercises are mostly recommended when it comes to lose the fat around the hips. The reason is that cardio helps in burning the fats in your hips as well as in the rest of the body. Make sure you begin from 10 minutes of cardio exercises each day and slowly make it to 30 and even 40 if you want to lose fat quickly. Some of the simple cardio exercises include:

  • Brisk walking
  • Running
  •  Swimming
  • Skipping the rope
  • Mountain climbing etc.

Dancing and Aerobics Exercises

A lot of people are not aware of this fact that dancing is also a good exercise to lose weight. However if you don’t like dancing then you should try some aerobics steps. If you don’t want to go out or you don’t want to join a gym then you can watch some aerobics exercises online and can practice at home.

Abductor Machine

Abductor machine is also a good way to reduce to hips. All you need to do is to perform the exercises on the abductor machine backwards, like sit on the machine with your back resting on the back rest. And then place your feet on the foot rest. Now position your thighs against the padded level arms. Press against the arm levels with some force and try to move them outwards as far as you are able to do. And then bring them back together quite slowly. Now repeat.

Side Plank Leg Release

Lie on the floor on your left side with your legs stacked and forearm lie flat on the floor perpendicular to your body. Now lift your hips up in order to form a straight body and now raise your right leg until it is parallel to the floor. And then lower it back slowly. Repeat and switch sides.

So if you will follow these tips you will surely get rid of flabby hips.