How To Get Rid of Goggle Marks

What Are Goggle Marks?

If you have gone for a long swim or a skiing session on a sunny day wearing tight goggles, there are high chances that you may return with raccoon eyes or panda eyes. Goggle marks can appear around your eyes for mainly two reasons. One reason is that while the rest part of your face has tanned, the areas under goggles have not tanned due to protection and secondly because of tight goggles the blood flow has stopped in the area around the eyes. Here are some ways to get rid of goggle marks.

Ways to Get Rid of Goggle Mark

Choose The Right Goggles

If you feel that the goggle that you are wearing is too tight then you might need to replace the goggles and buy a new pair. There is no one-stop solution for this and unfortunately, you can get the right one only after a few trial and errors. However, avoid wearing silicone goggles as they suck out the air making the goggles too tight. Visit a good branded shop that sells swimwear and eye-wear to find out the most suitable goggles for your need. The goggles should fit you well along the eye area and not go inside the eye bone. You can also consider the option of eyecups, which do not have suction or you can opt for foam goggles that are more comfortable on your eyes.

Get Rid of Goggle Marks

Apply Foundation

If you have plunged into the water for a little too long or ski raced a little too much for the day, you are bound to get goggles marks for few hours. It should normally disappear in a few hours or few days but if you have to go somewhere and you feel odd about showing up with panda eyes, then foundation can come to your rescue. Apply foundation on your face leaving the eye sections to blend the face with the eyes. If it still does not blend then you can apply some foundation on your eyes so that it can blend well with your face and there is uniformity. However, if you do not know how to apply foundation then it may be better to take someone’s help.

Sun Block Cream

If you have goggle marks on your face due to tanning then you might need to use a sun block cream in order to bring uniformity on your face. When you wear goggles, your face can be more tanned than your eyes due to the extra cushion provided by the goggles. Just apply some sun block cream on your face leaving the eye area. Now close your eyes and lie under the sun but make sure that you keep applying sun block cream to your face every three to four hours. However, make sure that you do not burn your eyes.

Wear Light Colored Shades

It takes some time to get rid of the goggle marks and sometimes you just cannot wait to show up in the office or an important meeting. At such times, you might have to take the option of wearing light colored shades. It may look a little odd but may still look much better than your panda eyes.

Do Not Wear The Goggles Too Tight

Mostly, you get goggle marks because you have been wearing the goggle too tight, which stops the flow of blood in that region. This usually happens with swimmers, as they have to make the area under the eyes airtight. This allows them to swim swiftly under water and see clearly without hurting there eyes by chlorine. However, sometimes you may cross the line by tightening the goggles too much. The goggles should just fit fine and they should not hurt you. If you wear the goggles normally and still water is seeping into it then it may be best to change the goggles that fit your face better.

Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is used by many aestheticians to remove dark circles. It is not only soothing to the eyes but also helps in the blood flow around the area. Cut slices of cucumber and place it on the top of your eyes with your eyelids closed. You will be surprised with the results in just a few hours.


Various brands and companies have under eye creams that should be applied before and after swimming or skiing sessions. These keep the skin moisturized and prevent discoloration of the skin. If you have swam for too long then you can also get a face massage treatment from a local aesthetician. Aestheticians are trained to massage the face in such a way that allows blood flow spread evenly on your face especially the area around the eyes that has the mark. When the blood flows in the area, the mark automatically starts disappearing.