How To Get Rid of Gum Stuck In Hair

Having gum in the hair can latterly be a very sticky situation. You can learn how to get rid of gum stuck in the hair without resorting cutting it all off.

The Supplies Needed

There are numerous methods by which you can get rid of gum stuck in the hair. Some of the materials most commonly used for this purpose include ice cubes, a plastic bag, an oven mitt or towel.

Some Simple Instructions

The guidance you will be given here starts with using some simple preparation tips. Then, you are given the steps from start to end that result in successfully getting rid of gum stuck in hair.

Please follow these steps:

    1. Soak your hair in salt water. This helps solidify the gum making it easier to remove. This is a preliminary step especially ideal for people with dreadlocks. It also is for people who have hairstyles that are hard to comb out.
    2. Beak up the ice cubes, then place in bag. Putting them in a plastic back with a zipper seal would be the easiest solution. This will make it easier for you to use the ice pieces.
    3. Put on the oven mitt, or put towel over your hand. This will ensure you do not cause pain to your hand while holding the cold ice in it. This is the step you would take right before you use it.
  1. Hold the bag of ice on the sticky substance. You should leave it on the spot for at least 20 minutes. Longer may benefit, if you can stand the cold.
  2. Remove the frozen “blob”. You can do this by breaking this frozen substance out of your hair. This process may require a bit of patience. You can start by removing the larger chunks.

Alternative Removal Method

Yet another removal method could be used. This particular guide involves taking steps to get rid of gum from hair using a straightening iron.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Gather your supplies. For this procedure you are going to need tissue paper, a straightening iron, conditioner, and comb.
  2. Squeeze out and apply the conditioner. You only need a small dab of it. Just apply it on your palm like you would before rinsing, but instead apply it directly to the gum on dry hair.
  3. Rub the conditioner in. This is a literal instruction. Rub it into and around the wad.
  4. Plug in the straightening iron. You should set it on “low” when you do. This will avoid making too huge of a mess, as extreme head can make a liquid mess.
  5. Moisten a tissue with water. This will be used for the next step. You will be removing the gum with it.
  6. Wrap this sticky substance in tissue. While doing so, you can then pull the gum out. Just keep repeating this process until the substance is removed.

Closing Thoughts

Just keep up this process of removal using one or more of the above methods. These are two of the most common ways to get rid of gum in hair.