How To Get Rid of Hair Knots

If you are sick and tired of a head full of tangles and curls which refuse to comply then you should consider a quick re-think on the way you maintain your bouncing hair. Be it pin straight or wildly curly, hair has the terrible tendency to get tangled at their will, and then nothing seems to help. This is the reason why thousands of women bemoan their fates of not being able to manage their long hair.

Well, there are a few reasons why hair goes into knots. Problems emerge, like split ends, rough and dry hair, and climatic damage from the sun and the wind, or from pollution, never ends for hair. To fight against these common problems, you would have to ensure certain things which would have to be complied with. These are as follows:

  1. Comb the hair in the right way. Sounds corny? What is so difficult about combing one’s hair? Actually, you need to comb your hair the right way to get the shine and the bounce right back to it. You can actually fight against problems like the sun, wind, pollution and dryness in your hair by combing. The process if done correctly enhances blood circulation in the scalp, reducing the chances of dandruff and cleans the head off unsavory dirt. Use short strokes rather than long, and make it a point to use different types of comb for different kinds of tangles. For a really messy hair, use your fingers to separate the strands and use a really wide toothed comb for brushing out the major knots. Then use a finer toothed comb to get rid of smaller, more delicate tangles. Do not be impatient, and yank at your hair. Careful brush strokes increases blood flow.
  2. Use a good quality of shampoo. Get yourself acquainted with your hair, and figure out what kind of hair is it. Is it dry or sensitive? Oily and greasy or limp and thin? Whatever might be your hair type, select a brand of shampoo which soothes and is mild, and clean your hair thoroughly with it.
  3. Condition your hair properly to smooth out tough knots, and use a good quality conditioner which suits your hair. Remember to buy a brand which you can apply and keep it on for a bit of time to allow it to soak up in your hair, and smooth the edges out before washing it off. You can also use serums that can detangle your hair easily.
  4. Limit the use of gels, mousse, sprays and other hair styling stuff which dries out the hair majorly. You would be able to see the difference yourself once you have stopped using them for a while, and it would reflect on your hair which would have acquired a healthy sheen.
  5. Tie your hair up in a ponytail or any other form of hairstyle, and use a hat or bonnet to protect it from pollution and climate. Remember, cleaning your hair and keeping it out of harm’s range can make your hair look beautiful and sleek.