How To Get Rid of Hair Static

Have you ever experienced static hair where your hair clings to each other due to the rubbing of the hair by either a pullover? Then you should not worry any more since there is a way that you can use to get rid of this problem. This problem mainly occurs during winter and when there it is a cold season and therefore resulting in this situation.

Brushing hair also contribute this problem that can make you to have a very bad time in dealing with this situation. There are several ways that can help you to solving this condition and help you to stop this condition.

Below are tips on how you can deal with this problem

  • One thing that you should know about the static electricity is that it usually occurs when the air is dry and there is less humidity in the air. To avoid having the static hair cling you should always ensure that your house the humidity that is required to discourage formation of this static cling of the hair.
  • Always ensure that you moisturize your hair with cold water to remove static electricity on the hair. This will help your hair to be static free and not to have any difficulties of static electricity. Shampoo also should be one that is manufactured with the appropriate standard so that it can remove the oily hair that is also a good precipitate of static hair.
  • Ensure that you use a high quality conditioner on your hair to avoid having any problem of static. Also you can use gel when you want to comb your hair and this is very important when dealing with this problem of static hair
  • Always ensure that you moisturize your hair brush before going ahead to comb your hair. The dampness of the hair is something that can help to avoid having static electricity on the hair.
  • Also you will need to look for a hair sprayer that you can spray your hair with and also the hair brush. Ensure the spraying is done in the right way to remove any form of static that can be transferred into the hair and cause the hair to cling together.
  • Also you should avoid combing your hair more than it is necessary. There are people who like to comb their hair too much and therefore causing static electricity to form and thereby causing clinging of the hair together also the type of the comb that you use can result in this problem as plastic items will usually cause this problem you would rather use wooden comb.
  • Also it is good to ensure that you avoid wearing caps and huts that are made from wool and polyester. These materials usually have this form of electricity and therefore it is always good to ensure that you know about it