How To Get Rid of Moustache Hair

It can be very annoying to have a moustache hair for any girl. Let’s face it: it’s not cool to be indifferent about your public appearance. If you want to get rid of moustache hair here are a few simple ways.


If you have very small hair on your upper lips, this might be the best way to remove it. Technically you may not be able to remove it but bleaching lightens the color of your over grown hair mixing it well with your skin color. Buy a bleaching cream from the market suitable for your type of skin. There are different skin types bleaching creams in the market like for oily skin or dry skin. However, be careful to buy a facial bleaching cream as the skin on your face more sensitive than other areas.

Before you use the bleaching cream, make sure that you have done the skin test to see if your skin has any allergy from the cream. You can do the spot-test on an area, which is as sensitive as your face but not too exposed like your waistline. Apply only a very small amount initially to test enough for testing your skin. Once you remove the cream after a stipulated time wait for at least 15 minutes to show any abnormality. If you do not develop rashes or a red bump, most likely the cream is safe to use. Once you know that the cream is safe to use, then use the cream as per the instructions given on the box. Most likely the box should have the instructions written on it or should come with an instruction manual. However, be careful that you wash your face thoroughly before and after using the bleach cream. If you can still see hair on your upper lips, wait for at least 30 minutes.



Waxing is one of the best ways to remove your moustache hair. However, your hair should be big enough for the wax to hold on to and pluck. If your hair is not big enough then you might have to settle with bleaching for now. However, some waxing creams claim that they can wax hair as small as two mm. Check for their affectivity before buying such creams. Choose an appropriate cream suitable for your skin. Now there are mainly two types of waxing solution available. One is the spread able wax and the other is wax strips. Using wax strips is much easier than the wax spread. If you are using wax spread then you might have to heat them. Read for specific instructions on the box or the manual inside. Before you wax, it would be advisable to either wash your face with warm water or take a hot facial steam. This will open the pores of your skin, making it easier for wax to remove the hair. Moreover, like Bleaching cream do a spot-test for waxing cream also to test it against any allergies. Removing the strip is the most painful part of the process. Make sure you remove the strip at once not in intervals as removing it slowly will be much more painful. Wash your face after this and see if you have any hair left which you can pluck manually.



If your problem of moustache hair is deep-routed, you might have to consider an option of going for a surgery. There are primarily two types of surgery available. One is Electrolysis, which involves insertion of a needle into the hair follicle and then a current is passed which kills the root of the hair. This is a tedious process as in one session only one hair root is removed. The second type is the famous laser hair removal in which a laser is used to remove multiple hair roots. Thus, laser hair removal takes lesser number of sittings. Laser hair removal is much more expensive option than the electrolysis. You might have to do a little bit of research before you choose the right center. Since there are many fly by night operators, try to go for a licensed practitioner.



If you have a sensitive skin and can not go for waxing or bleaching and do not want to spend the money in one of those expensive surgeries, threading might be the best option available to you. Another advantage of threading is that unlike waxing you do not have to wait for the length of the hair to grow long enough. However, do not try to do threading at home. Go to an aesthetician. Indian aesthetician is famous to be expert in threading.

Pluck it manually


This option is good if the hair on your upper lip is big enough. One of the ways of plucking manually is an epilator. However, this can hurt and would need some practice before you can become an expert at it. If you are using an epilator, you should either wash your hair with warm water or take a hot facial steam. This will soften the hair and open the pores making it easy for the epilator to remove hair. In addition, make sure that you wash your face thoroughly after using an epilator and apply a moisturizer. However, you can use an epilator only if the hair is big enough. If the hair is small, you might have to take the option of either bleaching or threading.