How To Get Rid of Nail Ridges

Most ridges on the nails are harmless with normal variations. However, some nail ridging may be a sign of a serious underlying medical problem. Also known as “Reedy Nails”, nail ridges are raised lines on the surface of nails which are also called nail plates. These lines on the nails may run vertically or even horizontally across the nail plate. Vertical ridges are not really a cause of concern as they are considered common and harmless. However, horizontal ridges and depressions over the nail plate could be associated with a major medical problem. There are certain home remedies like mentioned below, that you may use to get rid of nail ridges.

Avoid Any Nail Injuries

If you hurt your nail accidentally or it gets injured, it would directly impact the nail plate and surrounding tissues and will adversely affect your nail’s health. As much as possible, you should protect your nails from injuries. You can be cautious while doing certain chores which should not be done with naked hands. Wear gloves instead. Moreover, if you notice any abnormality with your nails or any infection, you should not ignore but pay prompt attention to it. Remember that if you want to solve nail ridging, you need to take care of your nails.

nail ridges

Drink Plenty of Water

You may wonder what has water or liquid intake to do with nail ridges. However, you should know that your metabolism pays a lot of role in having every part of your body function properly. Therefore, sufficient water intake is as crucial for you as anything else and you can’t just ignore it.

drinking water

Maintain a Good Health

As it is said, a healthy body is home to happiness. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, apart from other benefits, you would have a sound defense against fingernail ridges. Eat properly, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Regular exercises increase the amount of blood circulation to the nails thereby giving them proper nourishment. Moreover, excessive stress could be one reason for nail ridges. So now you know what to do.

Adequate Vitamins in The Body

If your body does not get enough micro or macro-nutrients, this will destroy your nails too. For example, if there is a deficiency of zinc and iron in your body, it would lead to nail ridges. Having improper diet is a normal phenomenon and most of us suffer from this. So it is imperative that you check your vitamin intake.

Stop The Habit of Nail Biting

One of the favorite past time for most of us is nail biting. If we are getting bored, we start biting nails. If we are nervous, we start biting nails. Nail biting is a habit. However, this habit not only invites sickness to your body but also is a great source of fungal infections. These infections can in turn lead to nails that are brittle, cracked, and full of ridges. So, if you want to stay healthy and avoid having nail ridges, get another past time for yourself.

Nail Biting

Regular Nail Buffing

This is one of the most effective ways to remove superficial ridges on the surface of your nails. Buffing is nothing but a process of using any abrasive or slightly rough tool to even out the nail plate. Apart from preventing nail ridging, it would also give a nice appearance for smooth and glossy nails.

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New Medicines May Cause Nail Ridges

If you have been taking a fairly new medication for any other ailment and you notice nail ridging, then you are certainly suffering from a certain kind of allergy from that medicine. Some medicines may cause nail ridges since they create disruptions in the growth on the nail from the nail bed. In such cases, you should consult your doctor for alternative medications.

Secure Yourself From UV Sunlight

All we have known so far is that sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D, which is certainly good for nails and several other body organs. However, the Ultra Violet light break downs protein bonds in the finger nails and may lead to nail ridges. So, it is advisable to use a nail top coat with UV protection or topical sunscreen to deflect harmful UV light.


Last but not the least, aging factor is one such thing which cannot be stopped or controlled. As you grow old, every part of the body reacts differently and so does the nails. However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to remain fit, you may certainly flaunt beautiful nails.

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