How To Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

It can be extremely annoying to bear with peeling fingertips. They can get in the way of anything you want to do with your hands. This doesn’t mean they have to stick around for a while if you use the right treatment procedures for taking care of the issue.

What are Peeling Fingertips?

Peeling fingertips will occur when small bits of skin start to come off of your fingertips. Specifically, these bits will be found in most places around the fingertips and will come off as a result of dry skin.

This is a temporary condition that can last for a few days. Still, it’s an annoying issue to bear with as the spots that tear up can start to spread. While they do will not spread too far out, the risk that comes with healthy parts of the skin near the fingers peeling off can be substantial at times.


Causes of Peeling Fingertips

The most common reason why people suffer from peeling fingertips comes from dryness. The skin around your fingertips is extremely sensitive and could be more likely to dry up than other spots around your skin.

Sometimes this may come from excess pressure around the fingertips. This pressure can particularly be felt when you’re trying to wash your hands or when your skin dries up because of cold temperatures in an area.

Remedies to Get Rid of Peeling Fingertips

As bothersome as they may be, you don’t have to bear with peeling fingertips if you use the right measures for taking care of them. There are a number of qualified remedies that should help you to clear this issue.

Be sure to use these instead of chemical-based products or hand sanitizers. Those tend to make the problem worse as they can strip the moisture from your hands.

1. Cucumber Can Treat Peeling Spots.


  • Cucumber has a natural tone and juice that is used to soothe rough patches of skin and to ease pains in areas that might feel pained.
  • This works the best if you rub a freshly cut cucumber slice around the fingertips well enough to get this juice to move right into the skin.
  • You should use this for about half an hour before using water at room temperature to rinse the juices off.

2. Add More Water To Your Diet.

Tasting Water

  • Water does well to hydrate the skin and can particularly hydrate dried-out areas like your fingertips. If you aren’t getting the recommended eight glasses of water a day that you should be drinking then you should consider getting some form of help.
  • Make sure the water you drink is totally pure. Natural fruit juices may work but water is best if it doesn’t have sugars or any artificial materials or stimulants in it.

3. Naturally Rolled Oats Are Also Helpful.

  • Oats are known to move well into the skin and moisturize it naturally if mixed as a paste.
  • You can create such a paste by mixing naturally rolled oats with warm water to create a thick substance.
  • Keep your fingertips in the oats for about ten minutes after you mix them together. You can wash them off with clean water and then use a soft cotton towel to pat dry the tips. This works best before bed so the natural healing effects of the oats are taken care of the right way.

4. Olive Oil Provides Nutrients And Moisture.

Olive Oil

  • Olive oil can keep the natural moisture in your fingers intact and may also provide them with nutrients needed to keep peeling from being more of an issue.
  • Use a few drops of olive oil on your fingertips when you are washing them. Be gentle with them and don’t use hot water in the process.
  • You can also massage the hands with olive oil and then rinse them gently.

5. Milk Is Healthy When Used Right.

  • Milk can be applied to the fingertips to improve the skin’s texture. This comes thanks to the vitamin D that milk naturally provides.
  • This may be mixed with a small bit of honey to moisturize the area.
  • This is ideal for those who might have food allergies and aren’t able to drink milk properly. Those who are able to consume milk without any issues can always consume it regularly to create some support.

6. Bananas Can Naturally Treat The Skin.

  • Bananas contain natural fats that are able to help provide moisture and control for the fingertips to keep them from peeling as badly.
  • While mashing a banana and applying it to you fingertips can help you out, it works best if you add a small bit of sour cream to the mixture. It is usually easier for the body to absorb its benefits if a strong cream base is used.

7.Use More Honey In Your Water.

honey for black spots

  • Honey is known to have antibacterial properties when used topically.
  • Honey may be added to water by taking a bowl of warm water and adding a small amount of honey to it. This will strengthen the skin and allow for dry skin cells to come off, thus preventing future peeling issues from occurring.
  • Raw honey is best as it will not contain any preservatives.

Make sure the water is not too warm. Anything that is too warm may be irritating to your skin.