How To Get Rid of Shaving Cuts

Your face always looks neat without any hair or scar. and every person dream of that. It enlighten facial contours, a man look sparkling and more young-looking. The cut while doing shaving always look bad and they are painful. They also form scars, tarnishing your looks. As a preventive measure, you should prefer the right shaver and apply proper shaving techniques.

Causes of Shaving Cuts?

These can be caused by inaccurate strokes or a bad quality razor blade. Your hand should be well trained for doing shave, and blade should also be soft on your face. The razor should track the skin towards chin and skin above the lips. Care should be taken while shaving your underarms, skin should be stretched there. For pubic region, slow strokes should be applied.

Treat Shaving Nicks

Shaving nicks are common problem due to shaving. Even if you have a vigilant shaving stroke, there could be a cut, particularly if you have very sensitive skin. If you want to get rid of these problem early then here are some simple remedies.

• Moisturizing Lotion – A moisturizing lotion is applied to provide your skin required moisture and shield from germs. Before I forget, its properties suit well with these type of cuts. It also controls bleeding and guard your skin until it heals.
• Anti-Perspirant – Anti–per spirant is also an effective remedy. It is made up of aluminum chloride or a analogous compound, which helps in blood clotting plus help in drying the wounds. Hence it will heal your cut in minutes after you apply it. Now for applying it you just need a cotton swab, put some drops over that and apply it over the cut. After 5 min, you’ll have even and gleaming skin, as if there were no cuts.
• Ice Cube – Ice cube is very helpful in blood clotting. Take an ice cube then put it on the cuts. The cold will ease the swelling and stop the bleeding. The wounds will seal after, leaving nothing to a few dim scars.
• Betadine – Betadine is a topical ointment and antiseptic, which is helpful for minor aberrations. Iodine content present in this promotes faster healing. So after application, the cuts will almost fade.

How to Shave Properly

The only way to limit the appearance of cut and scars is through correct shaving.

  1. Choose the Right Razor – in general, a safety razor is sufficient to produce a clean shave. But person with shaky hand should go for electric razor or arched handle razor.
  2. Apply Shaving Cream – Apply cream safely and over the whole area and lather it very well.
  3. Shave with a Smooth Downward Stroke – An even downward stroke is the not at all tiring since it goes in equivalence with gravity. Rub the razor lightly, so it cuts off the stubbles with negligible contact with skin.
  4. Rinse – after shaving, rinse your face with water to remove all stubbles and extra cream. If the stubbles are still present then go back to steps 2 and 3 for those areas.
  5. Aftershave  – The aftershave relaxes razor burns and emits a lovely scent.

Once you have mastered the art of the shave, your all problems will be gone.