How To Get Rid of Split Ends

There are plenty of hair and scalp problems faced by men and women. While greying of hair and hair loss can be worrisome for the majority, split end is equally annoying for the sufferers! This is a hair problem that affects women more than men. While women with long hair are more likely to face it, it can affect those with shorter hair too.

How Split Ends Take Place

Before you resort to various remedies to treat split ends, it is necessary that you know the causes that lead to its formation. As a matter of fact, Split ends happen when the hair cuticle’s protective outer layer gets damaged. This essentially exposes the internal structure to weather elements. It gets dehydrated and damaged and the result is split ends.

split ends

Why Hair Cuticle Damage and Split ends Happen

These are the main factors that lead to split ends:

  • Improper diet and lack of nutrient intake.
  • Usage of Improper hair accessories
  • Hair getting exposed to harsh chemicals frequently
  • Excessive use of heating products
  • Sun induced damage

How You Can Combat The Menace of Split ends

Hair experts suggest getting a haircut is the only effective way to get rid of split ends. While that remains an option, you can also resort to some preventive measures to thwart cuticle damage in the first place.

Below listed are a few hair care and preventive steps that go a long way in preventing occurrences of split ends:

Avoid Chemical Induced Damage As Far As Possible

A majority of people suffer from split ends owing to constant and prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals that their hair gets subjected to. A lot of hair styling products and artificial hair color come with strong chemicals like ammonia. Over time, usage of such products leads to cuticle damage and split ends. So, you should resort to natural and organic hair color products. It is also important to protect your hair from chemicals used in swimming pool water. In most swimming pools, chlorine is used for purification, but the chemical can affect your hair health. Using leave- in conditioner and a swim cap can be useful in this regard.

Resort To Proper Combing And Brushing

A lot of people end up damaging their hair strands unwittingly simply because they are unaware of the right ways to brush and comb hair! You need to use hair accessories that are actually gentle on hair. Using a wooden brush or comb is a good idea. Those with thicker hair strands should opt for wide-toothed comb. Back combing the hair is actually a very bad thing and you should evade doing this. When you comb the hair, always begin from the top and go down the hair strands to prevent damage. Comb gently and take time to untangle the hair.

Using Heating Tools The Right Way

You need to use the right kinds of hair heating tools to minimize damage to the cuticles and prevent formation of split ends. It is not a prudent idea to use inexpensive accessories that lack temperature control. It is advisable to dry hair using downward flow. It is also better if you allow the hair to get dried by air to an extent before applying the dryer. Try to resist the temptation of using a blow dryer at every possible opportunity as well.

Taking Nutrients That Nourish Hair And Scalp

For some people, hair problems including split ends are caused by lack of nutrient intake. Like the skin, your scalp and hair also requires daily intake of some nutrients and when that does not happen, hair damage is the outcome. To ensure your body gets required hair nourishing nutrients include biotin and folic acid in your diet. They are available in supplement forms as well. You can eat foods like oranges, wheat and soybeans for folic acid and intake lentils, walnuts and brown rice for biotin.

Using Nourishing Hair Masks

Apart from avoiding chemicals, other sources of hair damage and providing the body with hair nourishing foods, you also need to pamper hair with natural masks. There are many such masks, but you can try this one.

You need to take some olive oil and mix it with equal amounts of coconut oil. Now add a mashed ripe avocado to the oil and warm it up a little. Apply the mask on hair and keep on for half an hour or so. Then wash the hair with water. It will leave your hair softer and shinier.