How To Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair

Upper lip hair is very common amongst women but not many women would be comfortable talking about this. That is more because of the impression that very few women might be like them but the reality is this is common in one out of every two women. Hence its important to be open about this as otherwise there is a tendency to take some short cut treatments or steps which can cause problem in the long run.

Why women have the problem of upper lip hair could be due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is because of the genetics. Some women tend to have these through generations and hence it just passes on. There is also a possibility of upper lip hair being there because of hormones. It is common knowledge that there are some masculine hormones in women and some feminine hormones in men. The proportion of this differs for different people and hence if some women tend to have more of masculine hormones then they might face the problem of upper lip hair. However, it is important to remember that it is not rare to have such a problem. This is also caused in some women due to hormone change caused during menopause.

woman waxing her upper lip hair

Some of the techniques to get rid of this are:

  • Shaving is the most common and easy to use method to get rid of unwanted hair. There is a common belief that shaving tends to fasten the growth and also make the hair look thicker and darker. However, these are myths and as such shaving does not have any adverse effects
  • Bleaching is another way to get rid of this. Bleaching tends to colour the upper lip hair in the same tone as your skin and thereby make it kind of invisible. However, it is important to try the bleaching on some other body part before applying it for the upper lips to ensure that there is no adverse reaction.
  • Hot waxing also helps a woman to get rid of the hair. There are ready heated wax products available in the market; however, if it is not affordable for you then you can use your microwave and a normal wax cream for this.
  • Some women prefer to go for chemical treatment for hair removal. However, here again like bleaching it is better to try out the product on some other body part to figure out if you have any allergies to it
  • Laser treatments are considered to be permanent cure to hair removal. However, they are pretty expensive and needs to be done only in case of severe problem of hairs. There are professional beauty surgeons who expertise in this and its best to get it done through them.

There are several effective and economic ways to get rid of unwanted hair and its better to be frank and openly discuss the problem to get the best solution