How To Get Strong Nails

You rarely notice the importance of nails except that they add more beauty to your hands and feet when polished. But these nails are really very important and you come to realize their significance only when you don’t get their support while peeling fruit or opening a can. Lack of vitamins, poor hygiene and several other reasons can break or bend your nails and make them brittle. Just as hair, nails are too made mostly of protein and hence lack of protein can also lead to weaker and broken nails. Here are some measures that can help you find out solutions to get over your kind of nail-trouble.

Wearing the Right Shoes

When it comes to your feet nails, it is very important that you wear the shoes that fit you well because:

  • Wearing too pointy or small shoes can cram your feet and disturb the growth of the nails.
  • Sometimes, this may cause the nails to change their direction of growth and they may start growing into the surrounding skin leading to serious and much painful problems such as ingrown nails.
  • Ingrown nails can also cause infection, redness and swelling which is often the result of wearing tight shoes when the toenails are long.
  • Hence using shoes with good fitting can help protect the health of the nails and provide them ample scope for normal growth.
  • This will help them grow stronger and longer.

Hydrating the Nails Regularly


  • Just as your skin, your nails too are exposed to wear and tear and the surrounding changes in the climatic conditions can cause them to lose their moisture and luster.
  • Due to dryness, nail can peel, become brittle and crack.
  • The cuticles become dehydrated and look dull and ragged that can further cause infected and painful hangnails.
  • Reputed dermatologist of Kansas City, Missouri, Audrey Kunin, M.D., says that to keep the nails hydrated you must use greasy and thick moisturizers.
  • Use of good quality hand moisturizers, work well in maintaining the moisture level of the nails.

Biotin Supplements for Stronger Nails

  • Although taking biotin supplements cannot make your nails grow faster, but they do ensure that your nails do not break and are stronger.
  • Recent studies have proved that biotin supplements reduce the tendency of nails to break or split and with regular intake of supplements; you can grow your nails long.
  • Biotin is generally included in all the major dietary supplements that are prescribed for healthy hair, nails or skin.
  • These supplements include biotin, calcium and silicone too.
  • No side effects of these biotin supplements have been reported, however it is advisable to take them in limited dosages preferably on the prescription of a dermatologist.


Treating Weak Nails

Usually a normal nail has a thickness of 0.5 millimeters. But in some people, these nails are thinner due to which they bend and break. Such nails cannot grow longer and even if they do, they bend easily and mar the overall beauty of your hand.

  • In such type of weak nails, keratin fibers are arranged very loosely and are few in number due to which the nails are thinner.
  • You can treat such thin nails and make them stronger by using nail hardeners.
  • These nail hardeners constitute keratin cell stimulating component-formaldehyde.
  • This leads to increased production of fibers eventually.
  • It is advisable to use formaldehyde-based solution once a week as regular use can harden the nails too much.

Preventing Nails from Splitting

  • Weak nails have a tendency to split due to which the nails look untidy and dull.
  • The main cause behind splitting of nails is repetitive wetting as well as drying of the hands for prolonged periods.
  • If you have a habit of spending a good amount of time in the swimming pool, you have good chances of developing split nails.
  • These can also be caused due to cleaning products used in the kitchen or vitamin deficiency.
  • You should avoid exposure of the hands to the water by using gloves when you are working in the kitchen.

Measures to Maintain Health and Look of the Nails

  • Damp and warm climates usually cause viral and fungal infections. Hence, it is advisable to keep on the shoes whenever you are in public places such as shoe stores, locker rooms and swimming pools.
  • Keeping too long nails can lead to injury so it is better to keep them short to avoid nail complications such as nail snag or separation of the nail from the nail bed.
  • Regular application of nail polish help to protect them although you should not use the polish remover frequently as it can cause a drying effect.

With all these regular tips and solutions, you can surely make your nails stronger and look more beautiful. Along with the supplements, precautions and care are equally important and go a long way in giving you beautiful, shapely nails that are strong and long.