How To Groom Your Moustache

Is your moustache looking like an unkempt garden? Do you find women turning away from you? Then it is time to learn how to groom your ‘tache and look great.

Moustache is a favourite among many men and adds to their appearance. Many men are known by their moustache – a good, bad and even an ugly one! Moustache does give men an identity and some people sport unique shaped moustache with a belief that it will lend a mark of distinction!

Like any other region of hair growth, the moustache too needs some TLC to keep it looking trim, prim and stylish. So, how do men keep their moustache well groomed so that it enhances their appearance and personality?

trim your mustache

Keep These Tools Ready

  • A trimmer
  • Scissors of good quality
  • Well-lit Mirror
  • A fine tooth comb.
  • A razor

Let’s Get Into The Act: Moustache Grooming

  1. Trim Away: As an initial step, always ensure you have a good moustache trimmer. Use it to trim the volume of the hair on the top layer. You can also use a pair of scissors and comb to do the trick – lift the extra hair and trim it evenly. It is no rocket science and can be done easily.
  2. Make It Thick: In fact, you can easily accomplish the feat easily once you know what style you are going to choose for your mustache and are sure it has grown long enough to be styled in the manner you choose. Think about the style of your moustache according to preferences. Some may like the moustache to cover part of their upper lip or keep it long to extend till the sides of their lips. Of course, the thickness of your moustache will depend on the hair growth and the width of your moustache will also depend on this factor.
  3. Dampen It: Wash your moustache and allow it to be damp as it eases the trimming process. Alternatively moisten the comb and run it through your moustache to achieve the desired effect. A wet or moist moustache can mislead a bit because if you trim it short after it dries up may look shorter than you wished for. So, it is a good idea to trim slightly at first.
  4. Comb It: Next, take the wide tooth comb and run it on your moustache in the direction of the hair growth till it appears neat. This way, you also will be able to see the uneven hair. Some will be long, while others will be short.
  5. Snip It: Next just cut the end of your moustache in such a way to clearly see the upper lip, make sure you do not cut too much or go higher up. This can be achieved well with mustache scissors or the trimmer blade to trim the edge of the moustache. Smile into the mirror and decide on the length, this works the best to get the trimming length right. You need to exercise some caution if you are using a trimmer as the blades are sharp and you could cut too much.
  6. Comb and Snip: Now, it is time to run the comb through the mustache. Do so while lifting a small portion of hair showing through the teeth of the comb. Next, use the trimmer or scissors and begin by working to the ends on one side and then repeat on the other side. After you have finished both sides, check to see if it is even on both sides.
  7. Trim, Trim, Trim: Then trim carefully without trimming too much. It is easy to always check and trim rather than realize you have trimmed too much; you cannot obviously put the hair back. You can use a razor to shave the top and the sides of your mustache.
  8. Check It: Take a good look at your moustache after combing through your mustache again, making sure you trim the long hair you have missed.
  9. Wax It: Apply a wee bit of oil or wax on your mustache for the well groomed look and give it an appealing sheen.

Check in the mirror and give yourself that nod of approval. You have a great moustache and get ready to enjoy your share of attention!