How To Grow A Beard Super Fast

Facial hair can be an unwanted thing for the fairer sex, but for men, it is just the opposite. In fact, men have always rated facial hair, including beard and moustache as a quintessential emblem of manliness. People hailing from legendary royal families had beards with unique styles. Even when you look at the gods and figures of folklore, the beard is there for the majority.

Growing Beard Faster And Better

While a lot of men want to have a thick beard and style it in various ways, few are aware that beard can be grown much like hair. In fact, few men are aware of the proper ways of growing beards and grooming it. To ensure your beard grows faster and stays healthy, you need to do the needful. You will not need to make any drastic change in your lifestyle or spend a lot after facial hair anymore.


Below listed are a few handy tips for growing healthier beard fast:

Having Realistic Expectations

A lot of men become too impatient in their hurry to grow thick beard and the apparent delay makes them restless. They resort to overdoing things to make bread grow quicker. If you are among these people, wait a moment. Consuming the right kind of foods is important to ensure beard growth and health but refrain from overdoing things. Owing to various factors, different people may have different speeds of facial hair growth. External factors and products cannot accelerate things overnight. So, it is prudent that you remain patient and do the necessary things to ensure beard growth on a consistent basis.

Caring For The Beard As It Grows

Grooming of beard is no less important than hair when you have a desire to have thick and stylish beard! While the beard is growing, you need to take care of it and do the necessary grooming rather than waiting for it to reach desired length. Trimming the beard at periods is important. Use quality beard trimmer for this purpose. Those with patchy facial hair and beard will benefit from using beard thickener products. However, choosing the right shade is of utmost importance.

Supply Your Beard Proper Nutrients

Like every part of the human body, including hair, the beard also needs supply of the required nutrients to grow faster naturally. The secret of healthy hair growth, in any part of the body is protein. Hence, men interested in growing a beard fast naturally need to include protein rich foods in their diet. Thankfully, you can obtain protein from numerous vegetarian sources and animal meat. However, you shall benefit by taking biotin supplements too. Biotin plays a vital role in hair growth and health.

Using The Right Beard Care Products

To ensure the growing beard remains healthy, it is essential to use the right products. There are quite a number of oils, creams and similar moisturizing products that can be used in this regard.

  • Using castor oil is good for thick beard. It can be used at night, preferably before you hit the bed. To prevent the oil messing up the bed and pillow, use a large towel when you sleep. This should be rinsed off in the morning.
  • Using cream or moisturizing lotion with eucalyptus oil is good for beard. It helps in thickening the beard. Using moisturizer will help you cope with dry skin. As it is, moisturized skin helps facial hair grow better.
  • When you bathe, try using warm water. It will clean up the skin underneath the beard but will not dry it excessively. You may use specially made beard soap and shampoos for better results.

Need To Rest and Bust Stress

When you sleep, the body gets into a healing and regenerative process. This is applicable for body and facial hair as well. If you do not sleep well at night, it will delay the natural healing process. This will slow down beard growth and affect its health as well. Similarly, stress can affect hair growth. To beat professional or personal stress affecting your life and mindset try yoga or meditation. Resort to exercises that enhance blood circulation to the face.

Summing It Up

In your bid to grow enviable, stylish beard, do not go overboard. While using hair care products and products, maintain the proper frequency. Do not trim or shave beard too often driven by the misconception that doing so will thicken it.