How To Grow Out Acrylic Nails

Women who are conscious about their appearance and attractiveness are often found to be particular about nails. Well maintained nails and fingers are something stylish and contemporary women care about. Acrylic nails have become popular among such women in recent times. While some women use these nails for special events, there are others who use acrylic nails as a part of their usual beauty regime. With these, you can effectively strengthen and lengthen brittle nails. These artificially crafted nails are ideal for those who simply cannot get rid of the bad habit of chewing their nails, mostly in times of stress and tension!

Basics of Growing Acrylic Nails

Growing acrylics nails is an objective for many well groomed women. If you are among them, it is important that you get the basics clear. Learning about the care and maintenance of such artificial nails is crucial in this regard. With regular care, growing these nails will not be a tedious task.

acrylic nails

Limitations of Using Acrylic Nails

Before you opt for acrylic nails or want to grow out them, it is important that you learn about certain limitations associated with these accessories.

  • To set up acrylic nails, it may be required to file down natural nails. In the long run, your natural nails may become weak.
  • You may end up damaging the nail bed while trying to take off acrylic nails personally. To evade this you should hire a professional for this.

Ways To Grow Out Your Acrylic Nails

It is quite natural that you will not want to use acrylic nails for your entire life. After using them for a while, you will want to remove them. However, patience is what you need after removal of such artificial nails off your fingertips. It might take some time before you can get back healthy, long natural nails. During this period, it is necessary to pamper your fingers and nails and take regular care.

Using Nail Buffer- With a nail buffer, you can smooth out peeling and rough edges left from acrylic nails that you had put on. Or else, natural nail growth can be lengthened.

Using Quality Hand And Nail Cream- Buy a top quality moisture intensive hand and nail cream. Use it to soften fingers, nails thoroughly. You may use the cream twice a day. This will keep the nail region soft and aid natural growth. You can also find special cuticle oils to pamper the cuticles during this period. Even vitamin E and Olive oil should be adequate for this.

Using Nail Polish– After keeping fingers and nails well moisturized, apply a nail polish. You may find some growth-enhancing nail polishes in the market these days.

Daily Care- During the period when your natural nail grows back, ensure you wash hands with a skin friendly hand wash and follow it up application of hand cream. If you need to go out for work and other needs, carry a hand wash and cream in your bag. You should also check for any fungus or bacterial infection.

Trying Manicures– When your natural nail grows back, weekly manicure sessions would be ideal. If you do not have much time to go to a beauty salon or find their packages expensive, home based manicure session will do.

Avoiding Chemicals- Using paints on nail that contain chemical is not advisable during natural nail re-growth phase. As it is, acrylic nails are made and applied using chemicals. Hence, give your fingers the time to grow back nail naturally.

Trimming Nails- As natural nails start growing after the removal of artificial counterparts, you should try to keep them trimmed. Your goal should be to achieve nail thickness and health, rather than length.

Caring For Natural Nail Re-Growth From Within

If you really want to grow out artificial nails, applying skin care products alone would not suffice. To ensure nail growth, it is important that you adhere to a proper diet. Without vital nutrients, your body will not be able to re-grow nails as desired. It would be best to skip junk foods. You will benefit from including plenty of calcium rich foods in diet during this period.

Caring For Acrylic Nails While You Use Them

A majority of women using acrylic nails think they need to start caring for their nails only after these are removed. However, this is far from the reality. To ensure you can grow out acrylic nails, care and maintenance should start right from the time you put them on.

Expert beauticians and nail specialists are of the view acrylic nail users should care for them as they do for original nails. When you use such artificial nails, ensure they do not remain wet for long. If you keep such nails in water for long, infection and nail damage can take place. Using gloves can offer your nails some protection.