How To Hide Your Roots In Between Hair Appointments

How would you feel when you see your root re-growing visibly just 2 weeks after you have almost emptied your savings at a professional spa getting your hair colored? Devastating, right? However, there is nothing to frown about as this is quite natural. While you can definitely visit your salon again and get it right, there are a couple of simple, yet effective fixes that you could try to ensure that your roots remain hidden in between your hair appointments.

Check out right below to know more about these in detail.

Hide Your Roots In Between Hair Appointments

Simple Fixes For Hiding Roots In Between Hair Appointments

  1. Dry shampoo is your friend

Choose a dry shampoo as the normal ones deplete the essential hair oils. The result- irregularities begin rising their ugly heads up. Excessive oil in the hair is also undesirable as you lose out those bounces you salon gifted you. So choose a dry shampoo that hides your roots while giving your bounces a longer life.

  1. Change your hairstyle

Choose a different hair style. If you have been doing pony all these days, try a little bit of tweaking and twisting. Longer hairs look fabulous in braids, with milkmaid braid being the best deal. Change your partition. That will also ensure that roots are hidden. If you have a short hair, choose a style that pulls the hair from your face and hides your root.

  1. Root capsulation pencils can help you

Women, in earlier days, used eye pencils and mascaras to conceal the grey roots. You, now, get specialized pencils to meet these needs. They dry off really quick and blend without leaving any traces. These do help in masking the roots. However, if you find that these pencils are not available,

  1. Use a root concealing sprays

Root concealing sprays are available in all the beauty stores and online stores. So, you can always buy one and keep them handy before you get your hair colored. Just spray it whenever you need. The good news is that a root concealing spray stays till you wash your hair off with a shampoo. Choose a spray that is free from peroxides, alcohol, parabens, and ammonia. Even when you spray, just be careful enough to avoid overdoing.

  1. There are loads of do it yourself products

You now have the options to pick the do it yourself products available in the market such as L’oreal Paris Root 10 minute Root Coloring Kit. If you feel the roots are really troubling you too much, then this would be the right choice to keep your distress away. Just color the roots as mentioned in the package instead of coloring the whole hair. You can pick a shade of the root color that is a tone lighter than your natural color. This will ensure that the hair retains its natural warmth.

  1. Bleach your hair on your own

You can bleach your hair at home with the help of DIY products available in the market. Just add volume to the roots using your favorite voluminizing product. Follow up with an iron wand that ensures that your hair gets a messy texture as if you have just been to a beach. This will ensure that the unintentional root show up is completely submerged.

  1. Nurture with argan oil

Argan oil, as you all should be aware, is the ultimate solution for any kind of hair issues. Just massage a little onto your roots as scalp to trigger the synthesis of melanin, the hair color responsible protein. Plus, this oil is profusely embedded with omega 9 and omega 3 fatty acids that pave way for a moisturized, stronger hair. The hair volume also gets a good boost, covering the roots.

Try these tips and tricks and save yourself from embarrassment due to exposed roots between your hair appointments.