How To Improve Your Hair Texture

Busy work schedules and changing lifestyles have made it difficult to take proper care of our hair. That is why many people today complain dry, frizzy or damaged hair. However, having healthy hair boosts confidence of women besides making them happy. The physical health or texture of hair strands is one of the essential components that adds to the beauty of your hair.

Tips to Improve your Hair Texture

Check out the following tips to improve the texture of your hair. Hope you find these helpful and enjoy reading them.


Hair Mask

You might find natural hair remedies messy. However, they are simply perfect to get a smooth and shiny hair texture. Common ingredients that can be included in a hair mask include coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, an egg and vinegar. Mix all the ingredients to form a paste and apply on your hair followed by shampoo, rinse and conditioning for a shiny and smooth texture.


This forested shrub provides an orange-red colour to your hair. Additionally, it is also known for providing a smooth texture to the hair. It is available in powdered form and is applied as a paste made using brewed tea, coffee or water. A few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil can also be added along with an egg to the paste to provide further nourishment to your hair. The paste should be left onto the hair for about half an hour, followed by a cold rinse. Shampoo your hair the next day.

Fabric Softener

Surprised? Yes, fabric softener smoothes the hair, thus providing a smooth texture. Use it in its diluted form in lieu of conditioner after shampoo. It is an effective remedy for coarse and flyaway hair.

Tips to Retain the Smooth Texture of your Hair

Apart from the aforesaid tips to improve the texture of your hair, there are also certain tips to retain the smooth texture you have worked hard to achieve. These include:

Balanced Diet

Healthy Diet

A proper and balanced diet is the basis of healthy hair. Proper nourishment implies intake of all essential nutrients in appropriate quantities. This would help in maintaining healthy hair with a smooth and shiny texture.

Avoid Use of Hair Dryers

Even though hair dryers are one of the effective ways to dry wet hair, these can make your hair drier than what is actually required, thus making the hair strands coarse and rough. Therefore, it is best not to use a hair dryer for the purpose to retain the moisture and nutrients of the hair.

Soft Brush

Using a soft brush mitigates the level damage than what is produced by using a hard brush during the hair drying process. Therefore, to maintain the smooth texture and shine of your hair, it is very important to be gentle and non-aggressive while combing your hair.

Keep your Hair Nourished by Oiling

Use an effective oil to keep your hair soft and nourished. It can be coconut oil or olive oil. Oil your hair deeply at least once a week and keep the oil overnight before shampooing your hair. This is probably the most effective way to keep the hair nourished and retain the smooth texture.

Taking Massage therapy

As an additional tip, try to avoid daily shampooing as it can wash away the essential nutrients, thus making your hair dry and frizzy with a coarse texture. It is important to give an interval of at least three days before you shampoo your hair again. However, you can just use water to spritz your hair if you need to go somewhere urgently and need to style your hair.

So, just try on these remedies and tips to improve the texture of your hair for the next party and have all the eyes staring you with amazement!