How To Keep Hair Flyaways In Place

Keeping hair in tip top and glowing condition can prove to be a challenge for a lot of people, especially women with long hair. There are so many types of hair related problems that women face, including dryness, itchy scalp, hair fall, split ends and flyaway hair. Despite your efforts, you may end up looking unkempt and too casual at places where a groomed look is a must- all owing to stray hair and frizz. Thankfully, taming and controlling stray hair is not very difficult. With a few solutions you will find managing flyaway hair is simple.

Top methods to control hair flyaway


Below listed are few easy but effective methods to control hair flyaways. They are neither costly not too cumbersome to follow:

1. Nourishing hair conditioner

It is not just enough to shampoo your hair. Shampooing does clean up the dirt and dust in the scalp. However, it also makes the hair dry and paves way for hair flyaway. To cope with this, follow shampooing with a suitable hair conditioner. Preferably use conditioners with olive oil or jojoba oil that keeps hair soft, shining and nourished. When using a hair conditioner, apply more on the ends.

2. Using brush right way

Using a brush to shape hair is fine, but you should know the right ways to do so. Refrain from applying hair brush on wet hair. You should wait till your hair becomes somewhat dry before applying the brush. You may use a comb with wide teeth to detangle hair as well.

3. Do not use a towel

Even a soft towel is not exactly the best friend of wet hair. Drying hair with towel leads to hair breakage and eventually flyaways. It is better you use a soft tee to dry and wrap hair after bath.

4. Use styling products with caution

Using excess hair styling products to look stylish and combat flyaways may actually be detrimental to hair health. Think of hair texture before using such products. Otherwise, your locks will appear greasy and limp.

5. Stay away from heat styling

A lot of women, especially those in glamorous professions, resort to heat styling their hair. However, using the blow dryer and curling iron frequently can lead to split ends and more flyaways. If you need to use them, apply a protectant cream or gel to coat hair. It will reduce the chance of flyaway and dryness.

6. Using water and ice

This could be the last thing to occur to your imagination, but using water can be helpful to manage frizz and flyaway hair. You can smooth the lock with some water and then comb it to manage flyaway at short notice. This wet hair should dry soon. Similarly, you may also apply some ice cubes to manage frizzy hair easily. Run over the ice cube on flyaway hair and brush it once.

7. Using a non greasy body lotion

This may sound like another unusual idea, but using a small amount of body lotion or hand lotion can help manage unkempt and frizzy hair. However, you have to ensure the lotion is not greasy in nature. Dab a small amount of non oily body lotion into your palms and spread on hair using fingers. Apply the comb and see the untamed mane becoming smoother fast.

8. Using your fingers

When you are outside and do not have access to water, ice or body lotion, what do you do to tame flyaway hair? The solution is simple- just use your fingers. You need to run fingers through hair. It reduces friction and the chance of hair getting unkempt is less.

9. Using special shampoo

Shampooing is a necessary part of hair care, but make take sure you choose the right products. You need to watch out if your existing brand of shampoo is leading to frizzy hair more than others? If necessary, ditch the bottle and switch to a mild to organic product. Shampoos that contain natural extracts like aloe vera, olive oil and coconut oil can reduce frizz and dryness. If necessary, use a specially formulated anti frizz shampoo. Besides, you need not shampoo your hair every single day. You should shampoo your hair thrice or 4 times a week.