How To Know If Your Hair Would Benefit From A Brazilian Blowout

Curly hair makes a woman look beautiful and sexy. It denotes a streak of wildness and adventure that men usually find attractive. However, managing curly hair and keeping them in check can be a tiresome job, especially if the hairs are thick and coarse. This makes girls turn towards alternate options such as straightening or Brazilian Blowout.

The Easier Option

With the latter, you are relieved from the regular routine of combing and styling your hair every time you wash your hair. Once you have a Brazilian Blowout, all you have to do is wash your hair and leave them as they are. The hair will dry giving you a perfectly styled look. To maintain the look you just need to repeat the treatment after three months.

Brazilian Blowout is For Everyone

Although this hair treatment can work out best for coarse, curly or frizzy hair, with a well-trained stylist, Brazilian Blowout can turn out equally well for all types of hair including permed and treated hair, extensions and Japanese straightened hair. The treatment is for smoothing the hair and hence works better for damaged and dull hair.

brazilian blowout

The Look after Brazilian Blowout

After the Brazilian blowout, your hair looks completely frizz-free, shiny and you can manage them effortlessly. The treatment adds a lot of bounce and body to the hair. You have the freedom to wear your hair wavy or curly or leave them the way they are naturally straight and smooth. You do not need to invest much time for making them look beautiful and shiny.

Should you try it on Coloured Hair?

Although Brazilian Blowout involves the use of certain chemicals and heating treatment, the process actually improves the look and health of your highlighted or coloured hair. It acts as a conditioning process and blocks the color in the cuticle thereby reducing the frizz, making them more radiant and shiny. It also helps to retain the color for a longer period.

Long Lasting Results

The result of the treatment lasts for around 10 to 12 weeks depending upon your hair type and also the haircare products you use. Several blowout maintenance products are available that increase the span of Brazilian Blowout treatment. Good quality products also ensure that the hair receives all the right nutrition and hence remain healthy. Experts suggest that the treatment shows better and lasting effect if you keep on repeating it after every three months as it is a type of cumulative treatment that grows on your hair better with every process.

Can you Use it with a Relaxer or a Strengthener?

The treatment can be easily used on all types of chemically treated hair. Rather it helps to reduce the drying effect caused by the chemicals used in relaxers thereby improving their condition. During Brazilian Blowout, each hair strand is fortified with the essential amino acids, hence it is perfectly safe for you to use the treatment directly on a strengthener or a relaxer. Moreover, it is also a better option for those who want to shift from the Japanese straighteners or relaxers.

Side Effects with Brazilian Blowout

Just like with all the topical treatments, Brazilian Blowout too comes with some side effects. The treatment makes use of certain chemicals such as formalin, paraform, methylene glycol, formaldehyde and many more that can lead to long term and short-term side effects. These chemicals can cause health issues to both the user and the stylist such as skin irritations, nosebleeds, burning throat and eyes and asthma. Long-term use can also cause serious health issues such as leukaemia and nasopharyngeal cancer.

No chemical treatment is without any side effects. However, Brazilian Blowout is comparatively safer and can improve the look and health of your hair. Important is to approach the right hair stylist and also keep on using maintenance products post the hair treatment.