How To Look Beautiful Post Delivery

“It takes 18 months for a new mother to ‘feel like a woman again”! This is a statement I came across while reading about post-natal looks. And, you know what, it is true! Pregnancy and childbirth and life changing events for a woman. Once your bundle of joy arrives, it is quite natural that your priorities shift. You will find yourself taking bath when you little one takes a quick nap. So, the question of grooming yourself is out of question.

However, the interesting fact here is that you need not spend hours in front of your dressing mirror to look drop dead gorgeous. You can now look beautiful than ever before, even with your little angel around you. Giver your beauty and confidence a boost while enacting the role of a perfect mother with these simple and effective tips!

Look Beautiful Post Delivery

Tips To Look Beautiful After Childbirth

  1. Accept and approve of yourself

You need to accept the fact that you are now a mother. Accepting the facts will help you go a long way. Once you accept the scenario, approve of the way you look right at the moment. If you fail to accept and approve, then please stop expecting others to do it for you. It is your life; it is your moment; you are the sole person in-charge of it. So, start accepting, approving, and appreciating yourself.

  1. You can always ask for help.

Do not hesitate reaching out to your family and friends to help you. You can always share your nanny time with them. But, do this in a guilt free manner. It is perfectly fine if you husband spends 30 minutes with the baby while you are in your ‘me’ time.

  1. Start your day with a positive affirmation.

Your night might have been a wild one, but starting a day with affirmations can help you look gorgeous. How? Just as you start your day, start by saying that you accept and approve of the moment. You will get that instant energy you need to get started and move on with a bang. Keep doing this and you will nourished from within, automatically leaving you beautiful.

  1. Meditate for 5 minutes.

5 minutes is a very short duration for indulging in meditation, but since you are a new mom, 5 minutes is definitely a luxury. Meditation helps in calming you down and handle the stress involved in being a new mom in a super cool way. The lower your stress levels are, the more your circulation levels will be. And, better blood supply does make you look gorgeous.

  1. Exercising can help you.

Wait for a couple of days before you start working out on a regular basis. Ideally, doctors advise you to wait for 6 weeks before assuming any exercise as your body needs enough rest to recuperate in a healthy way. You can start walking for about 10 minutes within 3 to 4 days of delivery. This will give you a fresh lease of life, coaxing you to try your makeup kit.

  1. Sleep whenever you get time.

New moms have a very tough time catching up with the sleep routine. You can always catch a nap when your baby starts sleeping. It will give you enough strength, keeps depression away, and leaves you with a fresher look.

  1. Eat and drink healthily.

Include loads of fresh fruits and steamed veggies in your diet. Do not munch on anything that will leave you bloated up. Include milk and other low calories sources of protein to ensure that your energy levels are maintained. Include 8 to 10 glasses of water in your daily diet and water is essential for clear, beautiful, glowing skin.

  1. Do not forgot your oil bath.

Oil baths are a quintessential part of post natal care for any woman. So do reap the most out of this fabulous regimen. Daily massages followed by the herbs infused hot water bath helps in recovering fast, while ensuring that you look gorgeous.

  1. Pamper yourself.

Get some new clothes. And, if you really get some time, dab on a little lip balm. That should suffice. You can even go and get a haircut done, once your baby is a couple of weeks old.

These are some of the effective tips to ensure that you look beautiful after delivery. What are your views? Share with us…