How To Make Indian Men Shave Like a Boss

Looks may not be everything and beauty might be only skin deep, but there is nothing more important in making and maintaining great impressions than a well-groomed man. And we don’t necessarily mean running out to get weekly manicures, pedicures and facials (though dirty broken nails are DEFINTELY a big no-no!). Great grooming can start right from home, with the possibly the most important part of your daily routine – A clean shave. Here are a few tips to getting that TV-ad smooth finish (like John Abraham or Arjun Rampal!), and avoiding those nasty bumps and razor burns!


Step 1: Being Prepared Wins Half The Battle!

This is spot on with getting a clean shave too. It is important to make sure that your skin is clean and supple. Dry skin is more prone to irritation, nicks and burns. Say goodbye to post – shaving irritation by using a moisturizing face wash and lukewarm water to first cleanse your face. Remember, avoid harsh chemicals, scrubs and very hot water!

Step 2: The Tools of The Trade

Shaving isn’t simply hacking away at that annoying morning stubble. Sure, that could work, but it might just leave you with more problems than you began with. So before the next time you shave, check that you have the right implements to minimize your time, effort, and discomfort. First, you have to be aware that a wet shave, using a traditional razor and foam gives you much better results than using trimmers and dry shavers. While they take more time and perhaps a little more initial investment, they definitely make it worth your while.

What Will You Need?

A razor – For novices in the field, we suggest using a good quality double – edge safety razor. Using blades encased in metal headpieces, these guarantee a closer shave than an electric razor. If you are up for something a little more adventurous, you could also try a straight razor. But be warned! Other than providing one of the closest shaves you can get, using a straight razor can be both tricky and dangerous if you have never used it before. So start slow, because mastering it most certainly has its rewards! Just remember, which ever blade you choose, a sharp blade always works more efficiently than a blunt one. So consider changing your blades once or twice every month!

Shaving Brushes – For a great wet shave, you will need to make sure that your face stays hydrated through the entire process. A nearly indispensable accessory to shaving, the perfect shaving brush helps form a thick foamy lather, lift the stubble for better access, remove debris and dead skin, and help exfoliate your pores. They work wonders in giving you a smooth, clean shave. Choose from a variety of brush hairs. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can pick either natural badger or boar hair brushes, though synthetic brushes are available too.
Shaving Creams/Soaps/Foams and After Shave – Beauty products may not necessarily be your thing, but it is vital to invest in the right ones to help you stay comfortable both during and after the process. Make sure to opt for glycerine based shaving foams so it keeps your skin hydrated and soft. For super sensitive skin, try a mild shaving oil instead.

Step 3: How Should You Shave?

The best shaves are the ones that are unhurried and gentle. Remember to shave in short strokes always along the grain, because facial hair has that annoying habit of growing in all directions. Shaving against the grain may appear faster, but it results in coarse, rough skin nearly every time. Try not to scrape or press too hard so you can avoid those painful cuts and scratches. Lather well on each go, and admire your results after!

Step 4: What Next?

Care after shaving might just be as important as all the other steps, because your skin is particularly sensitive at this point. Avoid using harsh alcohol based after shaves, because they just sting and dry out your skin even more. Don’t be shy to use a good quality moisturizer, lotion and astringent, to give your face some silky smooth skin. Remember to give your skin a break at least once a week by picking one day to go au-naturel!

Using our great guide on how to shave like a boss, we guarantee you will make heads turn and jaws drop with your now fantastic grooming skills!