How To Prevent Makeup From Melting In Hot Weather

In the summers the makeup you put on your face is very likely to melt because of the heat. “Wait! Isn’t that the time I need it to stick the most?” If that’s your reaction then, well, you are very right. So let’s look at the solution. Melting makeup is not a pretty sight and therefore you will want to make sure that it does not happen. No matter the weather, you should look beautiful all the time. Unfortunately, the hot and humid weather is not very favorable to the makeup you wear. However, there are certain ways to make sure that your makeup remains intact even when it is hot and humid. Here are some of the ways listed.

What Type of Makeup Are You Wearing?

What type of makeup you are wearing is the first the first thing that decides whether it will melt or not. First of all, do not buy cheap makeup kits. Not only do they melt easily in the hot weather, they also damage your skin. You want your skin to stay safe and at the same time you will want to keep looking beautiful. The better the brand of the makeup the better will be your skin. The better the brand of the makeup the lesser it will melt. However, it does not mean that the makeup items of good brand do not melt. In fact, they do. During the summers, make sure that you are not wearing oil based makeup. Too much of oil during hot and humid weather conditions will produce more sweat and hence the makeup will be more prone to getting washed away. Many times the makeup doesn’t wash away completely but instead gets smudged and gives a bad look.

summer makeup

There Are Special Makeup Items For Summers

There are different types of makeup items for different weather conditions. For winters there are special types of makeup kits and for summers there are different ones. Make sure that you buy the one which is meant only for summers. They are designed in such a way that they are not affected by perspiration. In other words, they are waterproof. These special kits may cost you a little extra but they are worth their price.

Try And Not Wear Too Much Makeup

It is always a good idea to wear light makeup. If the makeup is light it will not get washed away quickly. Additionally, heavy makeup results in more perspiration. The more you will perspire the higher will be the chances of the makeup getting washed away. There are special makeup items which are meant for summer and humid conditions. But even those makeups when applied in excessive quantities can melt away.

Consult An Expert If You Are Not Sure

If you are not very sure what to do with your skin and makeup then you can also consult an expert or a beautician. The experts know more about your skin than you do. Some of the makeups are meant for special types of skins only. Some people have oily skin and during the humid conditions they perspire more than the others. Therefore, certain types of makeup items are not good for them. The expert will have a look at your skin and will determine which type of makeup is most suited for you. This will prevent the makeup from melting away.

Apply A Cleanser Before Applying Makeup

The melting of the makeup is not only the result of the hot weather and perspiration. The oil in the skin also plays an important role. Therefore, it is important to apply the cleanser before wearing the makeup. Cleanser will help remove all the oil and will clear the skin pores. But do make sure that the cleanser you use is labeled as ‘oil-preventing.’

Give The Foundation A Skip

Foundation is not really good for the hot weather. It can result in extra sweating which can further melt the makeup more. Apply the foundation when it is absolutely necessary. If you can do without foundations it will be better. If you cannot do without the foundation then make sure that you apply the primer to your face first. Primer will make sure that your face doesn’t sweat as much.