How To Protect Your Hair From Humidity

Hair is undeniably an important part of a person’s appearance-except for those who are bald! As it is, you need to resort to several measures to protect your hair from various sources of damage such as sunlight, heat, cold and pollution, etc. However, humidity can also prove to be menacing for your hair-especially those who have long hair. People living in tropical regions have experience of dealing with moist and frizzy hair that become difficult to manage and look like a mess! Even wearing a hat does not help always- the hair becomes wet and stinking. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your lovely locks from humidity.

Protect Your Hair From Humidity

Ways to manage your hair in humid climates

You need not spend a whopping amount in spa and beauty salons to protect your hair from the effects of humidity. All you need to do is using the right type of hair care products and discard excess from hair care routine. A little methodical approach helps in keeping hair looking healthy and manageable in humid climates.

1. Getting the right haircut

This is where your hair’s defence against humid weather begins. Veteran hair stylists and artists say you should opt for a fresh haircut when summer sets in or ahead of a trip to a seaside destination. Get a haircut that works with your hair texture well. Consult a professional hairstylist if required.

2. Keeping hair nourished

To cope with the onslaught of humidity, it is absolutely necessary to keep your hair well nourished and moisturized. You should choose a shampoo with hydrating ingredients like olive oil or coconut oil in it. Apply conditioner after shampooing at least twice a week to avoid the dreaded frizzy look.

3. Drying your hair carefully

Like many others, you may be tempted to use a blow dryer to dry long hair quickly but it can be counterproductive. When you throw a stream of hot and dry air on your locks, it dehydrates them. When you are coping with a humid climate, that can be dreadful. It is better you adopt a natural method to dry hair. Towel dry, wet hair as far as possible and use silicone based hair products if you must use blow dryers. This will reduce the damage. However, do not apply too much of silicone based products on hair. This will result in hair looking limp and lifeless.

4. Using cold water to wash

Washing your hair and scalp with cold water is refreshing in humid heat and it is also helpful. After shampooing hair, wash your locks with cool water. This will help close hair cuticles and prevent moisture to seep inside the scalp pores.

5. Choosing the right hair care products

To minimize frizz and humidity related wet hair issues, you need to be careful about picking the apt hair care products. It makes sense to avoid OTC shampoo, Gel or serums that contain several chemical ingredients. Everyone does not have the same hair texture for sure, but using hair products having natural ingredients does help. Try to use organic hair care products containing ingredients like sesame seed oil, coconut oil and aloe vera for example. Such oils, conditioners and serums add shine to your hair and help evade frizz.

6. Using leave- in hair care products

While you may use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioners at home, these may not be enough to cope with humid weather-especially if you go out a lot. Use a quality leave-in hair serum or conditioner thrice a week or so, before leaving home. These products will aid lock moisture into the hair and the frizz will not set in easily.

7. Short hair may not be a saviour

A lot of women think keeping hair short will help them deal with humidity better. This is not the case. In fact, when you keep long hair, the weight helps in keeping the locks straightened. Shorter and lightweight hair tends to get curled up in a damp environment.

8. Using clips and scarves

When the humidity defeats your preparations and takes a toll on hair, you may use clips and scarf to tame hair. Use hair clips to hold the locks in desired shape. Tying your hair into a ponytail may help in making hair look manageable.