How To Recreate 6 Celebrity Beards

There is something sexy and romantic when it comes to beards. This would explain why celebrities love to sport beards. The likes of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and George Clooney have transformed the way the world views beards. There is no doubt facial hair is extremely versatile and can be shaped whatever way you want. But trying to look like a celebrity takes some efforts.

Here are some of the hidden secrets celebrities use to style and fashion their beards. You too can use these tips to recreate some unique and attractive celebrity beards.

  1. Ben Affleck and His Doorknocker

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has women swooning without a beard. And, when he has a beard, no man can hold a candle to him. That’s why it should come across as ludicrous that Ben’s doorknocker has its very own Twitter handle!

Recreating Ben’s doorknocker actually is pretty simple and easy, as long as you have thick facial hair. Let your mustache and beard grow until the mustache touches the beard. Then shave away the remaining hair and keep the goatee and mustache. Just make sure the two join at the lips. Use a shaving foam and razor to keep the rest of the areas hair-free.

  1. David Beckham and His Designer Stubble

David beckham

David Beckham, the iconic English soccer player, has been driving women crazy for years with his good looks. He is a style icon and men around the world want to copy him. So, when he gets a designer stubble, men of all ages want one too!

Here is how you can get a designer stubble like David. Just let your facial hair grow for a few weeks. Then use your facial hair trimmer to neaten the growth and crop it close to the skin. Regularly use the trimmer to maintain the look and feel of your stubble.

  1. Christian Bale and His Balbo

Christian bale

Not only has Christian Bale had the privilege of acting as Batman and winning an Oscar, he also has attractive looks complemented by a fine Balbo. You may not win an Academy Award or get to drive the Batmobile, but you certainly can be the proud owner of a Christian Bale-like Balbo.

Let your facial hair grow to a reasonable length. Then use your electric razor to create a goatee that starts halfway from the sides of your cheeks. Also, make sure the mustache and the goatee are not connected. Maintain this look by regularly trimming the goatee and mush to feel like a celebrity.

  1. Johnny Depp and His Van Dyke

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is like a chameleon. He changes his looks ever so often and invariably it is for a role. Johnny has played a huge role in bringing back the Van Dyke and making it popular. If you sport it correctly, a Van Dyke can make you look bohemian and sexy effortlessly, just like Johnny.

A Van Dyke is nothing but a French beard, and is very easy to recreate. Grow a lush goatee and simple mustache and your Van Dyke is done. Just make sure you keep the beard and ‘tache trimmed neatly to look stylish, trendy and dashing.

  1. Chris Daughtry and His Chinstrap

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry won the fifth season of the American Idol and ever since he has been mesmerizing the world with his voice. So what if he is bald? There are many women who find bald men sexy! But Chris more than makes up for his baldness with his stylish chinstrap.

This celebrity beard requires some patience, as you have to style the beard patiently. Once your facial has grown completely, it has to be styled to look like Chris’ chinstrap. As the name suggests, the beard looks like a narrow strap along your jawline and cheeks. Shave off your mustache completely. And, you are done.

  1. George Clooney and His Full Beard

George Clooney

George Clooney has been breaking hearts for decades with his sexy looks. And, his full beard has the potential to do more damage than WMDs! Voted as one of the handsomest men in the world, George makes it so easy to maintain a full beard. However, this requires patience.

Let your beard grow completely. Once it does, use your beard trimmer to neaten the scruff and give it some semblance of symmetry. Don’t crop it too short or the look will go. Just focus on maintaining the beard and keeping it clean with the help of good quality shampoo.