How To Remove Self Tanner

Despite the obsession for fair skin that haunts a part of human population there is another section that craves for the opposite, darker skin shade. This explains why tanning so popular with millions of teens and adults worldwide. The side effects and risk of sunlight based tanning and artificial methods have prompted them to opt for safer methods like sale tanners. Using self tanner can give you a sun kissed look minus the risks caused by harmful UV radiation. However, first time users often end up with a look that seems awkward and far from satisfactory.

Getting Rid of Improper Self Tanner Application

While an amateurish application of self tanner can give your skin a blotchy and orange hue, you need not put up with it infinitely. With proper methods you can get rid of self tanner coats within a time span. Below listed are a few effective self tanner removal methods that you can try:

Exfoliating Your Skin


The most widely used and effective method to remove self tanner coat is using skin exfoliating products. Basically, Self-tanner is a skin dye that deposits pigments on the outer surface of skin. Before you exfoliate the skin, apply and massage some baby oil on the skin. Then let it soak for some time. Using warm water, apply an exfoliating scrub or paste on the skin and wash it away using a loofah. It is better if you use a skin exfoliating products that has herbal extracts in it. Your skin will get rid of the awful looking hue and at the same time, the dead skin cells will be removed.

Using Lemon


If you are fond of using natural products and herbs for skin care, using lemon will be the best idea to remove self tanner marks from the skin. Depending on the affected body parts, you can slice a few lemons and use lemon wedge over the skin. Wash off with lukewarm water. This is one natural method that brings visible improvement in skin tone.

Waiting For The Tan To Fade

If you do not have to attend a wedding next week or similar emergencies, it could be worthwhile to wait to let the tan fade out. Of course, it is not the suitable option for people who want immediate results. The advantage is that you do not have to expose your skin to other skin treatment products to remove the tan. If the tan is not much visible on exposed parts of your body like legs and hands, you may choose to cover the tan with clothes and wait it out.

Using Water

long swimming session

You may think it will not work well, but using water can be the ideal way to remove self tanner spots. You can opt for a long swimming session in the swimming pool. A long soaking session in a bathtub will also be helpful. Of course, it will take some time and you will find the marks fading gradually. Using water to fade away tan marks is a safe method and your skin does not get exposed to any chemical in the process.

Removing Self Tanner Marks From Difficult Parts Of The Body

You may find it tedious to remove self tanner marks from specific areas of the body, such as palms, soles, elbows and knees. The dry parts of body show the marks even more prominently. For such areas that absorb dark orange marks, you can use baking soda to lighten the marks. Be aware that you may need to apply the solution several times for the marks to get completely faded from these body parts. As an alternative, you can also deploy hydrogen peroxide. Pour some hydrogen peroxide solution on a cotton ball and rub it on affected skin parts.

Dealing With Nails

It can be really tedious to remove self tanner from nails in your hands and feet. Using a nail polish remover can be useful for removing spots from nails. If the color gets deep in nails, a few applications can be required.

Caution And Tips For Skin Post Removal of Self Tanner

In your hurry to get rid of blotchy and artificial looking self tanner marks on skin, do not use too many products. Some people resort to using skin bleaches to get rid of such marks. However, you should not do so if you have sensitive skin. Using baking soda and lemon in excess amount can leave your skin dry and people with dry skins will fare worse. You need to be extra careful when using any tan removal products on the face and neck, in particular.


After using a scrub or other products to fade the tan, do not forget to use moisturizer or body creams to pamper skin. Doing so will surely keep your skin in good shape and help it cope with harshness induced by various tan removal products.