How To Select The Best Body Butter

When the winter sets in and your skin starts feeling dryer than usual, it is time you start nourishing it with available solutions. While some people opt for body lotions and oils to keep skin supple, hydrated and glowing in winter days- there are a few who opt for body butter. Body butter tends to be thicker in consistency and creamier in texture compared to regular body lotions and creams. They cost more than body lotions, but eventually you need a small amount of body butter to cover skin parts.

Choosing The Right Type of Body Butter

Body Butter

Body butters are made by extracting fruit, flowers, seeds and oils of various plants. Examples of such body butter include avocado, olive, strawberry, coconut, shea and Brazil nut. You should keep a few points in mind to ensure that you buy the most apt types of body butter:

Skin Type – Just like creams and lotions, not all body butters suit all skin types well. In general, they offer excellent hydration, skin softening and also coat your skin with a nice aroma. However, some of these body butters tend to be heavier texture, making them unsuitable for oily skin. Those with dry skin, however, should opt for body butters with heavier texture.

Aroma – Some of the body butters have a light scent that is not overpowering such as lemon or olive body butter. However, some other body butters like Coconut and Pineapple body butter have strong aroma that lingers over your body long after application. Not everybody likes skin care products with a strong aroma, as it is. Even chocolate and cocoa butter variants are known for their strong aroma.

Ingredients – Are you concerned about ingredients used in every skincare products you use? If the answer is yes, you should opt for organic body butter variants. They may cost a lot more, but you can be assured of no chemical or allergens being used on your skin. They are also manufactured using eco friendly procedures. You also need to see if the product is non comedogenic or not. This is ideal for those with sensitive. You will get a few body butter variants may come with ingredients that coat your skin from UV radiations.

Reviews – Before you buy body butter, spend some time in reading reviews of the product online. There are online forums where you get views of dermatology experts.

Tips To Get The Best Results

Not every person has the same skin type and texture. So, you may find a body butter meant for normal skin is still too dense for your skin while your friend has no trouble using it. In that case, you may mix the body butter with a small amount of water before applying it on your skin each time.

Do not apply body butter on your face, regardless of what skin type you have. They are thicker in consistency than face cream, lotion or serums. Face skin pores are not suited to deal with body butter and applying these on your face may lead to allergies and breakouts. However, you can use body butter on all other parts of your body without worry.

If you are allergic to certain plant, flower or fruit species, it is best that you avoid buying body butters made from extracts of related plants as well. For example, if you are allergic to nuts, it is better to skip almond or Brazil nut based body butter. You should opt for lemon or mango based variants to be on the safe side. If you are still sceptical, apply the body butter on a small part of skin first and check for reactions.